This chirally correct, recovery serum contains copper and peptides to re-build and restructure broken down skin. Designed for all skin types and conditions it’s acid-free formula reduces irritation and sensitivity; visibly increases firmness and elasticity whilst providing a potent antioxidant and repairing effect.


Used daily underneath moisturiser, Rejuvenate 15’s versatility enables it to be a stand alone corrector for skins which cannot tolerate AHAs or Retinoids or may be layered over active ingredients for a boosting, increased-hydration effect. Clinically, this product is ideal post laser, skin needling, microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Containing active copper, peptides and vitamin compounds, this paraben and synthetic fragrance free product assists in the synthesis of collagen; regulation of cellular turnover; reversal of skin damage and repair of broken, damaged tissues. Deeply hydrating and soothing, skin is visibly less irritated, more radiant and better protected against environmental aggression.



Available from Skinstitut: ph (02) 9984 7642,

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