Hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as too much exposure to the sun, are all factors that can affect the skin on breasts and buttocks. Both areas are delicate: the skin on our breasts is considerably more fragile and thinner than that of the rest of the body. The buttock area can be further affected by a sedentary lifestyle and is prone to flabbiness.  To improve the appearance of both these areas, the mesoestetic Pharma Group, a leading international pharmaceutical company in dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine, is launching bodyshock push-up, a home firming cream for the breasts and bum. This product represents an expansion of mesoestetic’s figure remodelling line, bodyshock, a formula that is complementary to the professional treatment. The active ingredients for firming, tensing and toning in bodyshock push-up act in synergy with the method employed in the professional treatment to help return firmness and lift to the treated areas.  Its primary active ingredients are African kigelia, hydrolysed vegetable proteins and amino acids, which help to stimulate the skin on the breasts and bum so that the skin’s natural systems are synthesised and optimised, thus treating the main cause of flabbiness at the source.

Properties: bodyshock push-up has a light texture that is easily absorbed. 100% of volunteers who took part in our tests state that they love the texture and how it feels when applying it over the skin.  Effects:bodyshock push-up provides a firming and tensing effect with stimulating properties. It helps to repair tissues that have lost elasticity and firmness over the years resulting in a lifting and firming effect. 
Benefits:bodyshock push-up helps recover the skin’s plumpness, especially in the bum and breast area. It is a powerful stretchmark fighter that provides moisture and softness.  

We recommend applying the product once a day in the morning, massaging well into the skin to maximise its effect.

1. Using both hands, spread from centre of chest outward toward top of breasts, using circular movements around each breast. Repeat 3 times.


2. Raise arm and spread from top of breast upward with palm of hand. Repeat 3 times, change sides and repeat 3 more times. 3. Using the palm of your hand, start at one side of neck, moving downward to sternum. Finish by placing one hand on top of the other and pressing gently all over area. Repeat 3 times, change sides and repeat 3 more times. 4. Slide palm of hand from left to right from one shoulder to the other.

Repeat 3 times, change sides and repeat 3 more times.


Example of bum massage:

1. Apply using long upward strokes with palms of both hands. 2. Pressing down firmly, make upward movements in the area with fingertips. 3. Repeat these circular movements with knuckles. 4. Gently strike the area with fist to stimulate circulation.


The result of bodyshock push-up is immediate:

Radical change in 5 weeksThe mesoestetic Pharma Group performed tests with volunteers, who tried the products for 30 days, with these results.

93% 25% 18%
93% of people saw an improvement to their skin after applying bodyshock push-up. Tissue was up to 25% firmer after 15 days of use. Tissue was 18% more moisturised after only 15 days of application.

bodyshock professional treatment

bodyshock push-up is an additional home product that is complementary to professional treatments. The bodyshock professional treatment consists of an initial phase of 10 sessions, during which more than one area can be treated, leading to a more defined and toned figure in only 5 weeks. bodyshock professional acts on the 6 most strategic body areas: arms, bum, abdomen and sides, double chin, breasts and legs. Following the treatment, we recommend home maintenance using bodyshock push-up to maximise the effects achieved with the professional treatment.

mesoestetic Pharma Group

The mesoestetic Pharma Group is a leading international pharmaceutical company for dermocosmetics and aesthetic medicine. With headquarters in Viladecans (Barcelona), it develops, produces and sells highly effective treatments endorsed by scientific studies, whose manufacture and control processes follow the strict guidelines and rules of the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the efficacy of its products and over 30 years of experience, doctors, beauty professionals and users around the world—including big stars such as Madonna, Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston—trust mesoestetic.


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