A Profusion of Colours

Elleeplex Profusion Tint processes in the same way that most hair colour will process, there is the colour lifting where the lash or brow hair scales are raised and lifted and then there is the colour depositing phase, where the colour will begin to work its way into the lash or brow hair. To get longer-lasting colour results leaving the tint to process for the full-time frame is ideal – this time is 10 minutes with Elleeplex Profusion.

The Elleeplex Colour System features:

  • 5 luxurious colours (black, blue black, deep brown, light brown, honey brown, graphite, auburn and violet)
  • 2% – 7 VOL. colour developer ensuring safe and gentle development application of colour for lashes and brows
  • Our Elleeplex Profusion tint tubes are 20ml each and can provide 100+ applications
  • Combined with Elleeplex “Next Gen” Re-Gen for the ultimate vitamin boost to hydrate, strengthen and protect lashes and brows – giving more fullness and depth of colour
  • Superior swiss formulation
  • Smudge and waterproof
  • Last up to 6-8 weeks


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