16 Pictures That Sum Up Life As A Beauty Therapist

Too real…

1. How you feel after a long week in the salon.

2. What usually happens when you rush to grab a desperate break between clients.

3. The way appointment booking phone calls go when it’s the end of a hectic day.

4. What at least 50 per cent of your clients do when you leave them alone in the treatment room for five minutes to prep.

5. How DIY beauty jobs look to you.

6. When you see someone with bad brows.

7. How you feel when you accidentally see a little too much of your client during a treatment.

 8. Having to touch feet that look like they’re straight out of a horror movie.

9. When a good song comes on and you’re alone in the salon.

10. What a wax pot explosion clean-up feels like.

11. Never having a single Friday or Saturday off.

13. When you have to deal with clients who can never be pleased, no matter what you do.

14. What typically happens when a child comes into your salon.

15. The sadistic pleasure you derive from ripping hairs and squeezing zits, which no one else understands.

16. How you feel when a client walks out of your salon, glowing.


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