What Clients Really Want From Their Tan

Do you know what your clients want? What they really, really, really want? (Zigazig ah.)

As the weather cools down, pasty skinned women everywhere are making a run for the nearest salon to cover up their sickly cool climate complexions with a faux golden glow. But is your salon meeting their needs, or will their spray tan service, much like the Spice Girls, be a one hit wonder (okay, so they released a few other songs, but let’s face it, who can remember any of them, except for Wannabe?)

“Clients want a flawless, streak-less, authentic olive-toned tan that doesn’t smell and fades away evenly; spray tan perfection, every time they visit a salon,” says Oztan managing director and founder, Simone Llewellyn.

And to ensure you’ve got them covered on that, there a few simple steps you can take.

Consider your machine

“The tanning machine is like a magical wand you use to transform your clients. It is incredibly important to have the right tanning equipment to achieve a perfect tan every time,” says Llewellyn.

“For the most profit potential for your business, it is important to consider the following when purchasing a new machine: the amount of pressure produced by the compressor and spray gun size, number of spray tans it will produce per litre of solution, time it takes to spray a full body, how much overspray it produces and how noisy it is.”

Prep your clients

There’s little you can do when a scaly-skinned client walks into your salon for their last-minute tan, but taking a few minutes to prep them over the phone when they make the booking can make all the difference, according to tanning expert, Llewellyn.

“Skin preparation is essential to achieving a natural, flawless long-wearing tan and a happy lifelong client. Thorough exfoliation using the correct exfoliation method is the most important stage your client needs to really focus on. Recommend an exfoliating mitt for a far more thorough exfoliation,” advises Llewellyn.

Encourage post tan maintenance

“Before your client leaves their spray tan appointment it’s important to explain post tan maintenance to achieve best results,” emphasises Llewellyn.

“Always recommend they wear loose clothing on the way home and don’t get wet or exercise until it’s time to rinse off. Their tan will last longest on well hydrated skin so advise they moisturise daily. A tan extender will also help to top up and extend the longevity of the tan.”

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