Whether you are a massage therapist, or a beauty practitioner in need of a bit of stress relief, these acupressure points will help bring about some calm in the body.

The bonus? These techniques are quick, easy and you can perform most of them on yourself to ease the stress of a busy work day.


Acupressure can help relieve stress
Acupressure can help relieve stress


The webbing between the thumb and forefinger

Known as point LI 4, the acupressure point in the webbing between your thumb and index finger helps reduce inflammation in the body. Place your thumb on the outside of the hand and index finger on the palm on the other side and gentle apply pressure.  This accuprressure point is beneficial for relieving a multitude of issues including sinus pain, headaches and toothaches.


Inner wrist 

Also known as the ‘Spirit Gate’, the point on the crease of the inner wrist about a cetimetre in from the pinky finger side of the hand is a good acupressure point to target when feelings of depression, anxiety and stress crop up.


Lower cheek bones

Now, these are two acupressure points you want to know about. Known as the ‘Facial Beauty Point’, this is the third point of the stomach meridian and will help reduce facial swelling, facial pain and sinus congestion. It will also help alleviate irritate and tired eyes. The points are found directly below your eyes on the line between your nose and mouth. Apply gentle upward pressure just beneath the cheek bones on these two points


Between the big and second toes

This acupressure point corresponds with the liver. Give it a massage to help get rid of toxins in the liver and give the system a boost.


Inner ankle

About three centimetres up from the inner ankle is a pressure point which triggers the spleen. This lower part of the calf can often be tender in people in need of detoxing.


Outer ankle

On the other side of the ankle, about three centimetres up is a pressure point which will help alleviate a stiff neck. Apply pressure for at least a minute and any neck stiffness will feel less pronounced.


The shoulders

There are two points on either side of the base of the neck, which relate to issues with the neuromuscular system. Applying pressure to these will help reduce stress, help relieve insomnia and reduce tension in the body.


The base of the neck

There are two acupressure points very close together at the top of the neck right under the base of the skull. Known as B10 or “The Heavenly Pillar Point”, these are the trigger points for the ‘bladder meridian’. Good for thyroid health, these points will help rebalance the hormones and reduce stress.



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