The vagacial was once the hot topic in beauty pages. So what has happened to it? 


The vagacial was a good idea, but a reality?
The vagacial was a good idea, but a reality?


Every beauty editor worth her beauty stripes wrote about the vagacial, a facial like treatment for the bikini area, started by San Francisco’s Stript Wax Bar. With women suffering from ingrown hairs, bumps, redness and pigmentation down there, well, it just made sense to create a treatment to solve the issues. But did we really think it was going to take off? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because this was actually quite an inspired idea, and with vagazling trending only months before this, the two really did need each other. But then no, because, well, it involved another person paying detailed attention to a woman’s most private parts. Yes, women are happy to go for a Brazilian, but the wax treatment is generally of the “strip off (clothes), lie down, strip off (hair), say thank you then leave” variety. There’s not too much detailed appraisal going on, which suits us all just fine.

The vagacial, by its definition, requires skin assessment, product choices, massage… It’s, well, it’s all a bit much for most women to bare, really.

So yep, the vagacial turned out to be just a blip (please do write in if we’re wrong and you’re happily performing the treatments day in and out). But then we do want to keep the skin down there looking clear, soft and healthy for our clients. So what should we be advising our clients do to their nether regions? Here are a few tips to pass on.


#1 Wash with an antibacterial wash

Keeping skin clean is always the first step to achieving a healthy complexion. As this area can be prone to inflammation and infection, a gentle, antibacterial wash is the best formulation. Try something with tea tree oil or citrus.

#2 Enlist a mitt

Even if they do nothing else, encouraging your clients to buy a mitt and give their bikini area a good buff once a day will work wonders at getting rid of bumps and ingrown hairs.

#3 Moisturise

Keeping skin healthy and hydrated will help keep things clear. Recommend a medicated formulation that not only hydrates but retards hair growth and keeps bumps at bay.

#4 Treat spots with a concentrated bump treatments

When a stubborn bump crops up, a concentrated formulation will help it heal faster. Look for formulations with salicylic acid to help sloth away dead skin and reveal silky smoothness.




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