Working with family…And getting it right

It’s not uncommon for salons to be family businesses. Whether you work side-by-side with your siblings in the treatment rooms, or your family members are more the silent partner type, navigating a mutually beneficial relationship, and working out how to stop work from invading family time, can be a tricky show to run.

Family Business Australia and New Zealand is gearing up to run a masterclass series, helping those who share a business with their family, to navigate the future.

With a focus on leadership, diversity, and the future of family business in a post-COVIS world, topics will include: re-imagining the family business, gaining foresight, providing balance to business families, as well as the complex role of women in family businesses.

“This series has been many months in the making, and allows attendees and speakers from around the world to transcend the physical barriers of entry that would exist if this was not an online event,” says Greg Griffith, CEO of Family Business Australia. “With many of our masterclass presenters joining us from countries such as The Netherlands, Thailand, The USA and Germany, I’m looking forward to welcoming international attendees to this must-attend virtual event.”

Given both the current travel restrictions, and various stages of lockdown throughout the country, the virtual nature of the event suggests family members – and business colleagues – can watch together.

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