Tamara Eacott, Eminence: Aligning Beauty And Health

As skincare brand Eminence approaches its ten year anniversary, Professional Beauty sat down to chat all things beauty and health with Green Living Cosmetics director and exclusive distributor of Eminence in Australia, Tamara Eacott.

Tamara (third from left) with her team at the ASAP Awards.
Tamara (third from left) with her team at the ASAP Awards.

Tamara Eacott’s work philosophy is a little different to most.

For starters, she insists on green smoothies at meetings instead of coffee and you’re more likely to find her practicing yoga with her staff at lunch then you are to see her scoffing takeaway in front of her computer.

For Eacott, personal wellness has always been a driving factor behind everything she’s done, from her personal life, to her work life, so it was only natural when she decided to partner up with a newbie skincare brand to Australia that focused on natural, organic ingredients.

Now a household name in the Australian professional skincare industry, Eminence is preparing to celebrate its ten year anniversary with Eacott. Professional Beauty sat down with the personal wellness warrior to chat all things health and skincare.

Why are you so passionate about natural alternatives?

“I realised many years ago that my body and my brain functioned better if I didn’t eat anything that came with a barcode!”

How does Eminence align with this?

“Every part of the fruit, vegetable or herb Eminence pick for use in their product goes into the collection somewhere along the line, because they believe the seeds, peels and stems have high nutritional value for skin protection. This practice offers the same benefits to skin health and protection as eating wholefoods has for the rest of the body.”

Was it important to you to team up with a brand that reflected your personal values?

“Vital. As a beauty therapist of more than 24 years I need to honestly stand behind the brand I endorse. I couldn’t have picked a better brand for my personal values than Eminence. A match made in heaven.”

Why do you think health and wellness is becoming such a big trend in the beauty industry today?

“I think there is enough evidence and research to back up the benefits of eating superfoods that it makes sense these ingredients will have the same protective, healing and anti-inflammatory effect for the skin.”

What does Eminence do as a company to mirror the healthy values it espouses in its products?

“At the recent Eminence Annual Business Conference we feasted daily on green smoothies and veggie omelettes for breakfast and beautiful quinoa salads for lunch. A big effort to achieve for over 150 people each day! There was still organic coffee available though!”


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