The Wonder of WiQo

Dr. Rossana Castellana, MD is a dermalogist and founder of the highly efficacious and Italian-rooted WiQo. Here, she shares the impact of her brand with Professional Beauty.

Tell us how you formed a partnership/developed your luxury brand…

“Our brand was born from my vision as a dermatologist and a person who has always been sensitive to beauty and style. Behind the WiQo brand there is a long history of research and development work that has led to an international chemical patent. When I started my practice as an aesthetic doctor in the 80s, I immediately understood that I wanted to invent new products to be able to provide my patients with rejuvenated skin. The last born is the WiQo ONE professional product – an innovative and reliable technology resulting from a patent capable of providing a rapid, needle-free natural lifting effect with visible skin illumination.”

WiQo’s current product line-up

What is the standout feature of the brand that ensures it is high-end?

“It includes both the WiQo ONE professional product and home cosmeceuticals products. WiQo ONE is the latest patent of a company known among leaders of aesthetic medicine in over 50 countries around the world. WiQo ONE is an absolute novelty for the doctor and amazes patients with its surprising results.  Obviously, such a product can only be accompanied by home-care products with superior quality, both for raw materials and for clinical trials that ensure efficacy and tolerability suitable to support and complete the doctor’s work.”

What innovations do the company have planned for 2022 and beyond?

“In 2022 we would like to strengthen the product culture around WiQo ONE. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the news that from today it is possible to restore and rejuvenate the skin of all ages and ethnic groups without the use of needles and without downtime.”

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