This Salon Is Sydney’s Go-to for Skin Needling Services. Here’s What They Do Differently

At The Skin Bar expect to find lashings of deep forest green accents – a nod to the owner Samantha Appel’s desire to offer a space delivering healthy alternatives for skin rejuvenation. As she rolls out her fifth space in four short years she chats to Anita Quade about her desire to move away from traditional concepts and embrace new ways to foster a radiant glow.

Congratulations on opening your fifth Skin Bar– can you tell us how you developed the innovative concept?

“Thank you! The Skin Bar concept was birthed from a desire to redefine the beauty industry. It was born in 2019 and the concept was to simply to spread my passion for skin health and in particular skin needling.

We have all noticed the growing prevalence of injectables and saw how this had the potential to be detrimental to not just physical health, but mental wellbeing, due to sometimes people’s unrealistic beauty standards.

Our focus, therefore, was to create a space where we can offer healthier alternatives for skin rejuvenation and encourage self-confidence and self-love.

The Skin Bar concept was simply not offering lasers and injectables in our clinic, and offering education around the importance of skin health, collagen induction (skin needling) and empowering people to have the confidence to not feel pressure to get injectables just because we have been ‘influenced’ to by society.”

The Skin Bar manages five salons around Sydney.

I love the incredible luxury interiors in the salon – how did you choose the design and where did you find the inspiration?

“My aim was to design a space that felt both luxurious and welcoming, breaking from the traditional clinical white, traditional aesthetics often seen in skin clinics. The lush green interiors were inspired by the concept of renewal and the natural healing process our treatments promote.

We wanted our clients to walk in and immediately feel relaxed in a calm, serene space where they could relax and trust in our therapists and more importantly, switch off from the world.

I never wanted to do a white clinic, it felt too sterile and overdone. When I was in the process of choosing the finishes for the initial concept store, I decided not only did I want it to be green, in fact that everything had to be a shade of green. Floors, walls, joinery, taps – everything. And it turned out so great. The feedback from our customers is always positive, saying the space is so ‘calming and relaxing.”

What has the reaction been like to the space by clients?

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients appreciate the departure from the clinical ambiance of typical skin clinics, and they often express that they feel more comfortable and relaxed in our unique green spaces. We have clients all over Sydney, sharing our space on their social media feed.”

The Skin Bar’s Samantha Appel

Why is needling such an important beauty must-have?

“Needling is an excellent treatment as it promotes the body’s natural healing factors. Skin needling resurfaces the skin, treating a variety of concerns such as acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. We believe skin needling is a healthier alternative to injecting toxins and using harsh lasers and offers beautiful, natural results, such as even skin tone, plumping and a healthy glow.

As we age we start to deplete collagen and elastin, we also understand the importance of ageing gracefully by keeping your collagen and elastin levels high.

Skin needling once a month successfully maintains a higher level of collagen and elastin and helps to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore we look at skin needling as the ultimate monthly treatment!”

Is needling your most popular treatment?

“Yes, indeed. Our clients seek us out for our expertise in this area. It’s what we’re best known for, and the results we’ve achieved have led to high client satisfaction and many successful before and after stories.”

Skin needling is The Skin Bar’s most popular treatment.

Can you tell us about your background?

“At 25, (10 years ago now) I quit my corporate role and decided to start my skin studies! For me this was a personal journey, as I had suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 to 25. On and off Roaccutaine and I was left with a face full of pitted acne scarring.

I had emotionally and physically experienced the pain of acne, the effects it has on your overall confidence and the scars it leaves as a reminder to look at daily.

For me, I became a little obsessed with seeking out treatments and what would ultimately fix my skin. After my studies, I started to work in skin clinics as a junior, and worked with every different modality, I quickly fell in love with skin needling.

I witnessed the process of needling, correcting my skin, lifting out my scars and finally having the confidence to go make up free. Which for me was life changing. I am a passionate advocate for healthy beauty standards and have been in the skin clinic industry for over seven years now.

With a dedicated team of 12 employees, we’ve successfully established five Skin Bar clinics, creating a trusted brand in the process.”

Always also be careful of who wants to ‘jump on board’ once you start to become successful.. Stay true to your vision and don’t let others take away from your vision and dreams. When someone tells you can’t, do it and then smile.”

How hard is it being a beauty business owner?

“It certainly comes with its challenges. As we grow, managing more staff and ensuring the consistency of our message becomes more complex.

The beauty industry is continuously evolving, which is great and it’s all about keeping up with the latest education and protocols and educating our clients with what’s best! However, the fulfillment from seeing our clients’ lives positively impacted by our services far outweighs the challenges.

Plus throw being a mum into the works, it doesn’t leave much ‘me’ time. So being a business owner isn’t always as luxurious as many people may think.”

The Skin Bar stocks Dr Spiller, O Cosmedics, mesoestetic, Biologi, and Oxygenetix.

Any lessons you would like to share that you have learnt along your entrepreneur journey?

“The most crucial lesson is staying true to your core values. For us, this means advocating for natural beauty and steering away from harmful treatments. There will be trends and pressures in the industry, but remaining consistent in what you believe in is key.

Always also be careful of who wants to ‘jump on board’ once you start to become successful.. Stay true to your vision and don’t let others take away from your vision and dreams. When someone tells you can’t, do it and then smile.”

The Skin Bar offers a range of skin and wellness services.

What is the best part about your job?

“My favourite part of the job is witnessing the transformation in our clients, not only physically but also emotionally. When clients gain self-confidence through healthier skin, it is genuinely rewarding and reaffirms our mission in The Skin Bar.

I also love to connect with people in general. I guess that’s half of your job running a skin clinic, it’s all about the client’s journey and their connection to you and your staff. I get so fulfilled with true connection, and I think this is truly the best part of my Job. The people I get to meet and the real connections I make. When women take off their mask, it truly is a vulnerable moment and you become so real. We cry, laugh, become friends and create a journey. Which for me.. I love!”

Can you tell us the plans for the future?

“More Skin Bars!”

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