Lash Therapy Australia Made $12 Million in Revenue in the Last Year. Here’s What Its Founders Have Learnt

Lash Therapy Australia is an Aussie-owned business established two years ago by three young Aussie entrepreneurs, Emma Spilioupous, Lauren Rugolo and Jess Arths who have since generated over 12 Million in revenue in the last year alone. Ariana Pezeshki spoke with the dynamic trio about their success and goals for the future of their female-owned beauty brand.

Lash Therapy Australia Eyelash Serum is formulated with advanced polypeptides to increase the volume, thickness, length, and curl of lashes powered by 100% Natural ingredients to promote long, luscious lashes and brows with their advanced formula made with only natural and safe ingredients. It is proven to be a healthy and effective treatment to grow lashes within one to six weeks.

Empowering women through lashes

The team pursued their business to provide premium products that enhance natural beauty by strengthening confidence to empower women. The girls said, “Throughout our lives, we faced the common struggle of ineffective, overpriced, harsh chemically enhanced beauty products. We set out to create a range of products that we were assured would provide results without any risk of irritation or damage to our health. We personally have fallen in love with our products and hope you do too.”

Founded by three best friends who have a passion for the beauty industry and a love for healthy long lashes. The trio pride themselves on delivering premium natural beauty products, with proven scientific benefits and only the best ingredients.

Challenges running a beauty business

As we know, being a woman in business can present its fair share of challenges, especially as young entrepreneurs establishing a beauty brand in an already saturated industry. Emma, Lauren and Jess shared, “We have been faced with a lot of doubt and scepticism on our abilities to lead and run a company. We love to work hard and prove people wrong to help break the stigma and create more opportunities for women following in our path. We are proud of what we have created as a fully female-founded business and hope to inspire more women to break into the entrepreneurial space.”

They went on to say, “One of the biggest challenges we have faced running a beauty business would be developing premium, effective products that are different to what’s already on the market. We pride ourselves on being innovative and have created a high standard for the products we produce for our customers. New products can take up to 12 months to perfect and the trailing process is often long with many samples being created before we have the perfect formula.”

As the proverbial saying goes, it is a general rule not to enter into business ventures with close friends or family members, as personal relationships could become strained due to the complexities and challenges that can arise in a business context. However, the three best friends feel that their beauty business has brought them closer together. “We are very lucky to be super aligned on the vision of our brand, we always joke that we are merging into one person as our brains come up with the same ideas and thoughts. Of course, we will occasionally disagree on what shade of pink we like best and use the opinions of others in our team and our close friends and family as a sounding board for these decisions. Ultimately we all want what’s best for the brand so majority rules is our go-to solution,” the girls said.

Lash Therapy Australia founders Emma Spilioupous, Lauren Rugolo and Jess Arths

Brand achievements and plans

Lash Therapy Australia products are currently stocked in beauty salons around Australia and is sold online and on Amazon. The brand also has plans to expand worldwide. “Our business growth has been exponential not only in sales and customers but in opportunities and experiences. We went from making $2,000 a month in sales to now over $1,000,000 a month in sales. Our business has been sent to over 140 countries worldwide and we turned a $4,000 investment each into over 12 million in just over two years,” the girls proudly said.

They continued to say, “After our rapid growth, we secured a retail deal with Costco and are stocked Australia and New Zealand- wide. We have also launched onto Amazon in the U.S. and were featured on a billboard in Times Square New York.” Proving to be the Aussie business that could, the girls are keen to continue their growth.

With thousands of reviews for their product across their website and social media, the brand’s customers are eager to show their before and after results. “Our customers and clients have given us amazing feedback about all our products over the years. Our customer demographic is mostly females aged between 13 to 65 years old and we continue to have a strong brand presence on all social media platforms and we receive thousands of reviews from customers,” the trio said.

Having all come from very different backgrounds, Emma, Lauren and Jess did not envision the success and lives they are currently leading, but they said, “We are so grateful for the journey we have been on and where we are today. We all dreamed of a life where we worked for ourselves, and coming from families who all are quite entrepreneurial the prospect of owning our own business was always something discussed.”

“We are proud of what we have created as a fully female-founded business and hope to inspire more women to break into the entrepreneurial space.”

Connecting with the beauty industry

Collectively Emma, Lauren and Jess say they love to network with other women in the industry from when they first launched. They said, “we looked up to so many [women in the industry], that we then built many relationships with. Meeting up with other women in business allows us to all share our highs and lows and enables us to give advice on issues around the business that one another has learned from. We love bringing other women in business up and supporting them with tips as much as they do with us. It’s a nice community we have built over the last few years.”

The girls plan to continue to expand on their Aussie lead business and continue to inspire young female entrepreneurs in the industry. They feel “the sky is the limit” and they plan to continue smashing goals, staying persistent and passionate without losing momentum.

“We fell into starting a business together and now we will never look back. Surround yourself with the right people and look up to mentors that can guide you and nothing will be impossible,” they said.

This article originally appeared in the September-October 2023 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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