InClinic Cosmetics Is Providing a Makeup Solve for Clients Post-treatment

InClinic Cosmetics founder and product developer, Josephine Carbone discusses mineral makeup, post-treatment skin and answering the calls of her clinic partners with Hannah Gay.

InClinic Cosmetics’ Josephine Carbone

Josephine, I understand you founded InClinic Cosmetics while working at Clear Skincare Clinics. What were some of the problems your clients were facing with their regular makeup use post-treatment?

“I found that my clients were wearing makeup that was thick and extremely hard to remove before their treatment – and at the time, they seemed to be wearing the same three mainstream brands. I wanted my clients to achieve their desired skin results, so I researched the effect makeup can have on the skin as I was concerned their makeup was exacerbating their acne. I came across the condition of acne cosmetica, where certain chemicals in makeup can clog pores and cause inflammation. My clients were entering a vicious cycle of wanting to cover their breakouts with makeup which led to further breakouts and un-doing the progress we were making with advanced skin treatments.

I was determined to offer my clients a makeup option that was safe to use while undergoing treatments but, most importantly, was not reversing the results we were achieving in the clinic. For skin clients to receive the best results possible, they need to be treated full circle with specialised treatments, to a skincare regime and as the final step, a good-for-your-skin makeup.

I created Australia’s first pharmaceutical-grade Mineral Powder Foundation with active ingredients and the highest-quality minerals as a safer alternative to regular makeup post-treatment that helped my clients achieve their skin goals.” 

Why is mineral makeup often the preferred solution for skin therapists?

“Dermal, laser and skin therapists recommend mineral makeup as they can trust that it is a safe option for their clients post-treatment. Mineral makeup is the best choice for acne-prone skin and inflammatory skin conditions as it provides a lightweight and breathable layer of coverage without clogging pores or causing skin irritation. True mineral makeup uses high-quality minerals that are safe for all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin, as the ingredients are gentler than the synthetic alternatives that traditional makeup contains.

I formulated InClinic Cosmetics to complement the clinical treatments and skincare offered by skin therapists. We have such strong loyalty from our clinic partners, as they know it is a safe option for their clients to use post-treatment. Our advanced formulations combine high-quality minerals with functional levels of active ingredients that are an extension of a client’s skincare regime, ensuring the healthiest skin.”

“Mineral makeup is the best choice for acne-prone skin and inflammatory skin conditions as it provides a lightweight and breathable layer of coverage without clogging pores or causing skin irritation.” – Josephine Carbone

InClinic’s motto is: #goodforyourskinmakeup. What does this mean to you? 

“#Goodforyourskinmakeup means we are confident that the formulas we have created do not compromise the quality of your skin. Our products have been trialled-and-tested in skin clinics for over ten years, so I can confidently say that all of our products protect the skin’s barrier.

Our makeup is safe to wear after intense skin treatments and by those with acne, rosacea and sensitive skin as it is non-comedogenic, nourishing and healing. Our customers often tell us that our foundations are life-changing as they improve their skins texture and helps to reduce their breakouts over time. Everything we do in our business revolves around this motto.”

Discuss some of the unique hurdles you’ve overcome during the formulation and production process for InClinic that traditional makeup brands are unlikely to have faced?

“Formulating with a combination of active ingredients and minerals can sometimes be challenging when achieving an ideal texture and performance level. Our very popular Active Glow Mineral Foundation is a great example of this because the production process of this hybrid foundation took over two years to get it to the perfect formulation.

This complex formula contains six active skin serums and two forms of probiotics in a mineral base that we reengineered 19 times because the finish we desired was unique. I wanted to develop a lightweight and luminous skincare foundation that rivalled the big brands, and I would say we succeeded as our Active Glow Mineral Foundation is now consistently our best-selling product.”

Professional Beauty’s Online Editor Hannah Gay considers the InClinic Cosmetics Active Glow Mineral Foundation one of the best in the market.

It states on your website that InClinic is listed on Belgium’s Ku Leuven Hospital’s Skin Allergy and Immunology Clinic’s list of products safe for patients to use with skin allergies. What steps were taken for the brand to gain this listing?

“We have an amazing distributor in Belgium who wanted InClinic recognised as a range of makeup safe for those with skin allergies. We provided our ingredients lists to the research department within the university hospital’s campus that assessed the ingredients in our products. Our ingredient lists are free from harmful ingredients and potential allergens, which is how we obtained this recognition. InClinic Cosmetics is the first and only makeup range found on this list and is something we are proud of as it validates that our product collection is truly #goodforyourskinmakeup.”

What have been some of the contributing factors to your business’ growth in its 14 years since launch?

“InClinic followed the growth of Clear Skincare Clinics, with more clinics being opened, more of the Australian population were recommended and using our brand. We now offer our products beyond this to a trusted network of other skin clinics, cosmetic clinics and beauty salons that share our joint passion of wanting to provide safe for the skin makeup products. The research and development process of our cosmetics is our first priority as our high-quality formulations and packaging is what keeps our customers loyal.”

Today, you stock your brand in dozens of beauty outlets across Australia and New Zealand. How greatly do client product demands change between states/countries?

“Our complete offering of cosmetics is inclusive of a diverse client base’s skin concerns and needs which is why our range fits the demographics in Australia and New Zealand.

Our clinic partners in Melbourne brought to our attention the prevalence of Asian skin types in their clinic and the need for lighter shades of foundation than we were offering. We introduced shades 21 and 23 to our foundation range which we developed with a Korean chemist specifically to suit Asian skin tones in Australia. Korean Beauty developed a foundation numbering system that identifies standardised shades across all brands. We added the shades 21 and 23 to our foundation range as they are the most popular colours in Korea.

“We introduced shades 21 and 23 to our foundation range which we developed with a Korean chemist specifically to suit Asian skin tones in Australia.”

Discuss your short and long-term goals for InClinic.

“I am very excited about the future of InClinic, and I have so many goals that I want to achieve!

In the short term, we have many new product development projects that we are working on. Our current focus is to launch new and exciting products into our collection to complement what we already have. We want to create innovative products that are unique and serve a purpose beyond just being makeup. We have two new mascara formulations ready to launch in the coming months and other new products in the development stage that we will share as they are closer to completion.

Long-term, I want to keep building an amazing brand that is not just another mineral cosmetics line but a brand with innovative formulas and superior quality at affordable prices. We will continue working with our wonderful team to expand our network of trusted clinic partners so that our range is easily accessible right across Australia and worldwide. I want to become the go-to brand in the clinical arena, that salon owners and skin therapists confidently recommend to all of their clients.”

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