Cover Story: Elleebana’s Story of Success

Elleebana is redefining excellence in lash and brow artistry and empowering beauty professionals worldwide through tailored practical education. Anita Quade chats to managing director Otto Mitter about the company’s success.

A big part part of Elleebana’s success and growth lies not only in our innovative products but also in the dedication and work ethic of our team members. Elleebana has always been synonymous with creativity, quality, and a constant drive for innovation in the world of lash and brow artistry. Reflecting on the latter months of 2023 and embracing the innovations of 2024, it becomes evident that the company’s groundbreaking projects have set new benchmarks in the beauty industry. Whether it’s through empowering masterclasses led by the world’s best or the pioneering Elleevation Symposium, Elleebana remains committed to inspiring a global community of lash and brow artists.

Pushing the Boundaries

In the realm of Lash & Brow, Elleebana continues to push boundaries, redefine standards, and create waves of change. Our education programme has been curated by our award-winning team, bringing almost three decades of combined experience to the lash and brow industry. At the heart of Elleebana’s remarkable journey stands its owner and managing director, Otto Mitter, a visionary leader who embodies the brand’s philosophy of investing in inspiration. Otto’s belief in the power of inspiration is epitomised by his profound statement to the team, a mantra he lives by: if it doesn’t inspire him, it won’t be pursued. This perspective extends beyond the realms of business and permeates every aspect of his life, serving as a guiding principle that directs him towards endeavours and experiences that ignite his passion and thirst for inspiration. Otto Mitter has been making waves globally, delivering his highly sought-after Lash Lift Mastery sessions to sold-out audiences at prestigious conferences like LashCon in California and beauty exhibitions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Sydney. Through on-stage live demonstrations and educational sessions, he continues to inspire lash and brow artists, reshaping the future of the lash industry.

Under Otto Mitter’s visionary leadership, Elleebana’s journey exemplifies the profound impact that inspiration and innovation can have on an industry. By fostering a culture of creativity and pushing boundaries, Elleebana has revolutionised the lash industry, inspiring lash artists and beauty professionals worldwide to reach new heights of success. As the brand continues to evolve and chart new paths, it remains firmly committed to its mission of inspiring, motivating, and empowering individuals to unlock their limitless potential.

Masterclasses That Inspire and Reconnect

Education has always been a huge focus for the brand, the products require specialised education so that you can obtain optimum results for your clients and with techniques, products and treatments continually evolving, how can salons ensure they stay ahead of industry developments to cultivate and retain a loyal customer base? The solution lies in ongoing learning and education.

In today’s interconnected world, education remains the most powerful tool for transformation. Recognising this, Elleebana partnered with two industry leaders to host a series of masterclasses across Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, and later New Zealand in 2024. Julie Piantadosi, a globally renowned business coach, and Cherie Clonan, CEO of The Digital Picnic and social media marketing connoisseur. Julie Piantadosi, renowned for her unique approach to business coaching, infuses her session with an uplifting energy and visionary perspective. Her masterclasses at Elleebana emphasise personal and professional development, providing attendees with the knowledge to unlock their potential, achieve business success and ignite transformation. Julie’s teachings goes beyond beauty techniques, focusing on mindset, customer service, and leadership skills that are essential for today’s beauty entrepreneurs.

One of her objectives with this session is to help lash and brow artists stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. She shares invaluable insights into business strategies that streamline salon operations and enhance the overall customer experience. By staying ahead of the curve, lash and brow artists can find how to stand out from competitors, attract a loyal clientele, and foster business growth. Instagram remains a pivotal platform for salons, offering them the opportunity to showcase their work to broader audiences and promote their beauty services more easily than ever before. However, despite its potential, many lash artists still find it challenging to consistently produce engaging content that effectively converts into bookings. Cherie’s sessions demystify the complexities of social media marketing, empowering participants to build their brands confidently and authentically. In a world that has heavily relied on digital interactions due to the pandemic, these masterclasses offer a much-needed opportunity for in-person engagement. Bringing online training back into the classroom has allowed beauty professionals to connect on a personal level, exchange stories, and discover fresh motivation.

The impact of these events stretches far beyond the technical knowledge shared; they have evolved into a platform for artists to network, inspire each other, and foster supportive communities. Our goal is to help lash and brow artists in refining their existing skill set, expertise and confidence in themselves and their craft.

“Instagram remains a pivotal platform for salons, offering them the opportunity to showcase their work to broader audiences and promote their beauty services more easily than ever before.”

The Elleevation Symposium: Empowerment Through Education

While the masterclass series around Australia have been impressive, the highlight of Elleebana’s recent achievements is undoubtedly the Elleevation Symposium. Held in Portugal, this global event brought together educators, distributors, and salons with one goal: empowering lash and brow artists through education to reach new heights.

The Elleebana symposium is a highly anticipated event in the beauty calendar. It’s an annual event that has been previously hosted in Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles and Canada. In 2023, the Elleebana team returned to Europe to host Elleebana Global Distributors and Educators in Lisbon offering attendees an exceptional weekend filled with personal and professional growth sessions, showcasing Elleebana’s revised multi-award-winning packages and latest product releases.

The symposium’s agenda was meticulously crafted, ensuring every session addressed the unique challenges and opportunities in today’s beauty industry. From comprehensive product knowledge to advanced lash and brow application techniques and business strategies, the Elleevation Symposium provided an all- encompassing experience that catered to the diverse needs of its attendees.

Participants from all over the world gathered, creating a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and experiences. The global diversity enriched discussions, enabling artists to understand different markets while sharing their unique perspectives.

These interactions nurtured a sense of unity and collective purpose, with all attendees leaving the symposium inspired to elevate their artistry and business practices. The Elleevation Symposium also emphasises holistic growth. Through keynote speeches and workshops, attendees explored the mindset shifts and soft skills required for career success. Whether handling client consultations with empathy or understanding the nuances of financial management, the comprehensive curriculum helped artists to become well-rounded professionals.

Elleebana’s innovative projects in late 2023 and 2024 stand as a testament to the power of vision and community. The masterclasses and symposium have provided a fertile ground for rekindling passion, sharing expertise, and building relationships that will drive the industry forward. The return to in-person events has reinvigorated creativity, allowing lash and brow artists to find strength in unity.

Unlocking New Potential/Mapping a Limitless Future: The Path to Continued Innovation

With a commitment to innovation and community, Elleebana looks towards a future filled with possibilities. The lessons learned and connections made at these events will serve as a foundation for even more groundbreaking projects. Our goals are ambitious yet grounded in a simple philosophy: we strive to be a brand that embodies innovation with integrity and offers ongoing support to our industry. Our focus isn’t solely on the success of our brand; we’re equally devoted to helping others thrive in this industry. The company aims to continue breaking barriers in education, expanding its global reach, and ensuring that every artist, distributor, and salon under its banner feels valued and inspired.

In the realm of Lash & Brow, true revolutionaries emerge – the visionaries who reshape an industry and inspire a new wave of excellence. Otto Mitter stands proudly at the forefront of this Lash & Brow revolution, challenging norms, and setting new standards. With an exceptional commitment to quality and innovation, undeniable results, and a passion that knows no bounds, Elleebana has redefined what it means to experience the artistry of Lash Lifting.

Multi-Award Winning Education

Elleebana’s award journey in the realm of beauty recognition is nothing short of remarkable. From being awarded Educator of the Year at the prestigious ABIA to Product Innovation at NALA and Lash Brand of The Year in the USA for two consecutive years, Elleebana has attained its multi-award-winning status by securing more than 20 awards in the past seven years. The multi- award-winning status is also due to the brand global recognition for innovative lash lift systems, exemplified by the flagship Elleebana One Shot and the dual lash and brow system, Elleeplex Profusion. These systems have been tried, tested, and have become beauty professionals’ first choice for their reliability and remarkable results. Elleebana’s commitment to innovation is evident in its ability to address industry concerns, such as overprocessing lashes, and provide solutions that benefit lash artists.

In 2023, Elleebana’s exceptional dedication and achievements were widely recognised through various industry awards. The brand received an impressive four awards worldwide, acknowledging Elleeplex Profusion as the best brow lamination system, its Lash Extensions range and Lash Lift system as the most popular in the world. Additionally, the brand was honoured with the prestigious Humanitarian Award by the Australian Beauty Industry Awards. Otto and Zoe Mitter, the honourees, were acknowledged for their incredible impact in supporting charities in Australia.

In addition to its innovative products, Elleebana’s success is attributed to its strong community of educators, distributors, and lash artists who share a deep passion for the industry and uphold high standards of skill and safety. This strong sense of community has inspired many and contributes significantly to the brand’s unique story and ongoing expansion.

Elleebana’s mission is to inspire the beauty industry, support emerging beauty therapists and lash artists and elevate the lash and brow enhancement industry through superior performance products, world-class education, and a strong sense of community. Its dedication to excellence and sustainability positions it as a leader in the beauty industry, Elleebana continues to be a prominent and influential brand in the world of beauty and lash enhancement.

Tailored Salon Sessions and Ongoing Support

Elleebana’s latest offering encapsulates the fundamental values that resonate with lash artists and professionals. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing ongoing support, ensuring that salons not only receive award winning products that produce remarkable results but also feel deeply connected to a thriving community. With this recent offering, we’ve designed a comprehensive product knowledge session designed to assist salons to advance Lash and Brow application techniques and business strategies such as implementing Elleebana aftercare range to their salon offerings. With up to 90 minutes of comprehensive guidance, including supervised treatment time, salons receive personalised support tailored to their unique challenges. Our sessions provide direct access to Elleebana Master Educators, enabling salons to troubleshoot issues, refine their techniques, and receive expert guidance to unlock the full potential of Elleebana products. Following the session, salons receive a customised Technical Guide, tailored to their needs.

Elleebana Salon Sessions is an initiative that has been successfully implemented and very well received in the lash and brow community. It’s an opportunity to enhance salon’s offerings and elevate clients’ experience.

Beyond Beauty, Toward Excellence

Elleebana’s story is more than a tale of innovative products and techniques; it’s a journey of empowering artists worldwide. By focusing on holistic growth, fostering connections, and embracing creativity, Elleebana has built a global community that uplifts and inspires. Their recent initiatives are a beacon for the beauty industry, proving that excellence is achieved not just through mastery of skill but through passion, purpose, and commitment to growth.

Furthermore, Elleebana’s success is closely tied to its culture and community of dedicated educators and distributors. Elleebana places a strong emphasis on innovation, excellence, integrity, education, and setting high standards for skill and safety in application. This commitment to world class education and support has contributed to the brand’s global recognition.

“Elleebana’s story is more than a tale of innovative products and techniques; it’s a journey of empowering artists worldwide.”

May this journey continue to inspire lash and brow artists to pursue their dreams with vigor, elevate their craft, and contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of beauty. In the words of Julie Piantadosi, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

To keep up with Elleebana’s epic year ahead and its achievements, follow @elleebana on Instagram. Otto Mitter, Owner and Director of Elleebana, brings his expertise as a qualified cosmetic chemist, makeup artist, and multi-award- winning educator to guide the brand and drive its success.

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