Brand Profile: The Saint Minerals Story

There’s a quiet contender dominating the Australian professional makeup industry right now: Saint Minerals. Hannah Gay meets Saint Minerals founder and General Manager at Dermal Supplies Australia Grant Edgley to unpack the story behind the brand on every salon owner’s mind this year.

When it comes to professional makeup, Saint Minerals ticks every box.

The Australian made and owned brand is built on cruelty-free, sustainable formulations. It practices the recycling of product packaging and promotional materials. Its product is chic, timeless and gender-neutral. Its product portfolio is broad, at an accessible price point and consisting of kit essentials only, minus the fluff.

The brand’s motto of Clean. Curated. Conscious. appears on every box – a simple message that directly connects to the aspirations of the modern beauty consumer. It’s no surprise then that visiting its stockist page will reward you with the names of over 100 salons and clinics across Australia and New Zealand.

For Saint Minerals’ founder (and notably biggest cheerleader) Grant Edgley, the brand’s development came about due to a desire “to enhance [client] outcomes for better skin correction with the purest, most efficacious [products],” a minimalist feel, and ethical backing. The professional makeup brand first hit the market in July 2020 and despite its quick success, continues to focus its attention on small businesses over big name stockists. “[Saint Minerals] offers a unique brand [to salons and clinics] so they can differentiate themselves from retailers such as Sephora,” Grant explains. “Introducing this competitive advantage ensures the strength of the skin and beauty landscape.”

Saint Minerals is an Australian made and owned professional makeup brand.

External marketing of the brand is also kept to a minimum. Instead, the focus placed on in-salon displays targeting the client directly in what Grant describes as a more “authentic” approach to sales. Sales targets are not tracked in order to remove attention from the job of the therapist to make money, and place it back onto the needs of the customer. “If you create and track daily/monthly sales targets, you’re really just tracking how many ‘extra’ sales you can push in a given time frame to a customer,” Grant explains. “This is the old way of partnering with customers in any industry or sector, where your targets are placed first ahead of the customers as key performance measures. We think differently. We just need to ensure the brand is readily available to be purchased at all times and priced competitively. This authenticity is our purpose for creating Saint Minerals.”

Training for its stockists is delivered through Hour of Power sessions, with the intention of connecting the therapist to the brand. It’s essential therapists are provided the right information in an efficient time slot in order to best educate their clients, Grant cements. Additional attention is placed on the end customer through regular Meet and Greet events. Such events provide Saint Minerals the opportunity to hear from its customers directly, attain feedback and plan for future product developments. “These [events] are where we draw some of our inspiration from and make changes if needed,” Grant says. “We want the users of our Saint Minerals brand to know we are a family, and we listen.”

“[Saint Minerals] offers a unique brand [to salons and clinics] so they can differentiate themselves from retailers such as Sephora. Introducing this competitive advantage ensures the strength of the skin and beauty landscape.”

For its cosmetics, common skincare ingredients like essential fatty acids and sea buckthorn oil are regularly incorporated. Long-term, Grant says users will benefit from “more cellular hydration, a decrease in inflammation, more protection from pigmentation issues, and more protection from oxidative stress which in turn, ensures less [signs of] aging.” Saint Minerals is produced in three isolated labs – a strategy designed to minimise the risk of formula replication. “This is critical to create our unique point of difference. Also, some laboratories work differently with different ingredients. This model ensures we remain focused on delivering leading makeup globally.”

Through speaking with Grant, it’s clear exponential growth of the brand is imminent. New products (we’re talking matte formulas!) are in development, due for launch in 2023. A broader shade range, specifically darker shades, will be released – a request, Grant says, has come from the brand’s new USA and Caribbean stockists. The team is also looking at expanding into new categories such as skincare and deodorant. 

If you’re interested in partnering with Saint Minerals at your salon, contact Dermal Supplies Australia on 1800 717 525 or visit this link.

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