Brow Artists: Amy Jean’s New Armadale Studio Is as Inspiring as It Is Chic

Amy Jean is synoymous with luxurious style and exceptional service at her stunning brow studios and her jaw dropping designer interiors are no exception. The brow queen opens the doors to Anita Quade at her new Armadale space and reveals her plans to open a brow training academy.

Amy Jean

Congratulations on your new studio in the fashionably chic Armadale location – tell us why you chose this locale.

“Thank you for your kind words! I love the fashion forward atmosphere and bustling streets of Armadale. I am naturally drawn to places where there’s a fusion of beauty, fashion and eateries. It makes for the perfect day out!”

How did you go about choosing the aesthetic for the interiors?

“I wanted to mirror the aesthetic we have at newly refurbished Amy Jean Brisbane, Double Bay and Sydney CBD. The continuity in our interiors is crucial for our brand identity. In addition to this, I did want to keep a few defining features that will be unique for for our Melbourne space. I added pops of the Pantone colour of the year ‘peach fuzz’, which is featured throughout the studio entrance and arguably the star of the show, our powder room.”

What is the general vibe your studios have in common?

“The studios boast a polished, chic and timeless vibe. You’ll see repetition throughout them all, commonalities include carrara marble, white french panelling and matte gold accents.”

What is your favourite piece in the studio?

“The guest area Ottoman by Zuster furniture. It was a pleasure to work with Zuster as they’re a Melbourne based family run business. In my opinion, their pieces double as “art”.”

Did you work with an interior designer?

“We worked with Jacob Olsen from Jacob Olsen Interiors. I have worked with him on personal and business interior design projects. He has exceptional taste and ultra sharp attention to detail. All of his interior elements work in harmony to bring my vision for the studios to life.”

You have stunning studios dotted around Australia – how do you ensure each space fits in with the area’s aesthetic?

“I’ve spent years observing and experiencing the areas myself, ensuring I try other beauty destinations and remain well travelled. I’m always asking clients how we could improve or where would you like to see our next space? I am also a self-confessed “closet interior stylist”. I study interiors on equal par with eyebrows. So I love any excuse for a fitout or refurbishment!”

You are located also in five-star hotels – how does this effect how you can choose your interior – are there any limitations?

“Previously we have operated pop ups from hotels where we visit international destinations. As they are only temporary, we style the space with florals and branded items rather than build the space from scratch. Our Gold Coast studio operates from within Chuan Spa at The Langham, one of the reasons we chose this 5-star hotel is because of their similar alignment with our interiors.”

If you had an unlimited budget what would you buy as an interior splurge?

“Despite not having an unlimited budget, I already feel I have my dream items! I splurged on the Louis Vuitton Trunk for our Double Bay space. The Double Bay studio is the footprint for our rebrand of consistent interiors and I wanted to trademark the salon with something special. The Double Bay studio also features a Blainey North Chandelier suspended above the Louis Vuitton Trunk – they make a timeless pairing.”

How often do you update your interiors?

“In 20 years of business I have changed the overall brand image once – starting with all black and now opting for a more bright, airy and white aesthetic. As for soft furnishings and interior styling items such as lamps, rugs, armchairs, I think it’s a great opportunity to update more frequently. I believe if your interiors do not evolve, the client experience can become stale or monotonous. This also applies to your product and treatment offering.”

What is it you love most about being the founder of Amy Jean?

“Supporting and growing the team. I have a highly skilled team of creatives who thrive with clients and love improving their skills, purely from their inner passion. Being a founder means there’s no room for slacking off. You’re accountable to your customers and team everyday and I enjoy this commitment.”

Any wise words of wisdom for those in the brow market?

“Ensure you’re educated on the latest artistry techniques to stand out in an over saturated market. You must aim to be at the forefront of your industry and be innovative. Never copy and paste another business treatment menu or another salon’s interiors. Be genuinely you.”

Favourite career moment?

“I have been fortunate enough to have many ‘pinch me’ moments. My favourite career moment was the day I launched my Amy Jean Privée Collection at Harrods London. Launching in the world’s most famous luxury department store has been a long- term business goal of mine for years and I would travel to London frequently to meet with buyers. To stand within the incredible beauty hall at Harrods, launching my brow collection and kicking my goal was an indescribable feeling.”

“I believe if your interiors do not evolve, the client experience can become stale or monotonous. This also applies to your product and treatment offering.”

Can we expect any more studio rollouts this year?

“Not this year while our new Melbourne space soaks up the limelight. We believe in luxury quality over commercial style quantity. We also have other huge brand announcements incoming for 2024 + 2025.”

Any new brand news you can share with us?

“To coincide with the brand’s 20th birthday milestone, Amy Jean will be launching a training academy that tailors to all facets of brow artistry. Amy Jean and her education team have been working on the artistry syllabus for over 12 months. We will be offering diverse levels of training from people wanting to kick start their career as well as qualified makeup artists or aestheticians wanting to further enhance their skill set. International trainers and myself will be offering intimate classes to share tips and tricks from her industry experience in brows over two decades.”

Why have you decided to launch this?

“I think the brow industry exploded with such haste in the last 10 years, that training and trainers haven’t necessarily acquired enough client experience to be training others. Our goal is to offer face to face learnings, intimate sessions and allow for direct access to Amy Jean’s 20 years of experience.”

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