Online Accounting Advice for SMEs

Online accounting is gaining momentum with Australian small to medium business managers and their advisors.

CEO of MYOB Tim Reed says, “Due to the anywhere anytime nature of online accounting and features such as direct bank transaction feeds, which reduce data entry, business operators can achieve a better understanding of their financial situation at any point in time. Just as importantly, it enables them to be more confident in the figures and spend less time on admin and more time on growing their business.”

“Cloud accounting solutions can significantly reduce manual data entry, and potentially save you many dollars in tax, repayments and expenses by ensuring you have the correct financial information at your fingertips. This is especially important as your business develops through hiring more staff, buying and selling more, producing more invoices, working with more suppliers and so on. The outcome is streamlined business processes that give you more efficient reporting and insights, and ensure you are compliant with the government’s regular legislative changes.”

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