Salon owners who struggle with advertising and marketing their businesses will soon have access to the world’s first salon and spa marketing superstore, where hundreds of salon advertising templates will be available at the click of a mouse.

Worldwide Salon Marketing have announced from July 1, salon owners will be able to choose and download from its huge library of proven salon marketing ads, fliers, letters and other advertising material.

It’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world for the hair and beauty industry. Salon owners wracking their brains for marketing ideas will be able to purchase templates, change them to suit their particular offers and services, and hit ‘print.’ The web store will contain ready-made templates.

According to Worldwide Salon Marketing co-founder and CEO Greg Milner, the web store was an obvious extension to the company’s well-known coaching marketing programs. “For years, the only way salon owners could get their hands on our marketing material was through membership of one of our coaching programs. This way, salons can buy ready-made marketing online and download it instantly, one template at a time,” he said.

While the company’s member salons will continue to have 24/7 access to WSM’s entire library of more than 1,500 templates, non-members will be able to cherry-pick templates from an ever-growing menu.

Salon Marketing co-founder and CEO Greg Milner

Milner says the idea for the web store came while watching his wife shop for clothes online. “Michelle and all her friends are constantly buying clothes, shoes and other accessories from shops like ASOS and Victoria’s Secret,” he said. “So it made sense to make the same kind of service available for our salon marketing and advertising material.”

Since its foundation in 2004, Worldwide Salon Marketing has become the industry leader for salons looking for help in marketing and advertising their hair and skin care services. The original Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit has morphed into a multi-level program of one-on-one coaching, a members only website, and a heavily used discussion forum on Facebook.

Mr Milner says before he founded the company, salon owners had no-one to turn to for specialised marketing and advertising advice.
“There was – and still is – plenty of generic advertising advice and systems, all you have to do is search ‘marketing tips’ in Google,” says Milner. “But there was nothing that was specifically written and developed just for hair salons and beauty salons.

“So salon & spa business owners had to ‘fly blind’, usually just looking at what everybody else was doing and doing the same thing. Worse than that, they’ve been told for years that marketing was about getting your brand out there. That’s fine for big companies like Coke, Microsoft and General Motors, with billions in the bank, but small salons need what we call direct response marketing, which is designed not just to look good, but to get customers picking up the phone now and make an appointment.”

The new web store opens on July 1. Visit to find out more.