EXCLUSIVE: This New TGA-Registered Cream Is Aiding the Post-treatment Healing Process. Here’s What Sets It Apart

The Australian aesthetics market is experiencing a boom. Cosmeceutical and device companies are leaning into our growing demand for both invasive and non-invasive anti-ageing solutions. For beauty and dermal therapists, keeping abreast of the latest advancements across this space is vital.

Treatments ranging from chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing and hair removal, cosmetic tattooing and removal, and especially microneedling are on the rise. Accessibility to these treatments is consequently growing and, with the right education for therapists, are being offered in salons and clinics country-wide.

So too are more invasive treatments such as dermal fillers and injectables, available through qualified doctors and nurses. Like skin therapists, offering the most effective post-treatment topical solution is top of mind when securing the best result for the client.

Kimberley George and Emillie Kirk recently entered the market with their product, CosMedi Repair, with a unique take on the skin and its healing capabilities. The Australian duo were educated in health and sport sciences respectively, later establishing careers that saw their joint passion for business sow the seeds of their company, Invested Health Pty Ltd. Today, the women own multiple ventures in the health and wellbeing space, including listed medicine and health-centric goods, and specialised education offerings.

[left to right] Kimberley George and Emillie Kirk

What is CosMedi Repair?

Over three years, Kimberley and Emillie worked to bring CosMedi Repair to life – a post-cosmetic and procedural cream that has been granted approval by The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). “[It took] a year to map out the scope of what we wanted to achieve with the product, and around two years of in-depth analysis of scientific research and hands-on evaluation of various ingredients,” the pair told Professional Beauty in an exclusive interview in light of the product’s launch.

CosMedi Repair has 27 substantiated indications (substantiated claims) listed with the TGA. “[The cream] provides soothing relief for soft tissue trauma symptoms and supports the skin’s natural healing process. It alleviates inflammation, redness, and pain while addressing skin irritation and sensitivity. The cream plays a role in promoting collagen formation, minimising scarring, and ensuring optimal skin hydration. Additionally, it offers antioxidant properties and acts as an antimicrobial agent for minor skin injuries.”

The duo explained how working with active and supporting ingredients meant securing a viable formulation would be no easy feat. “We had undergone seven extensive revisions of the formulation before dialing in our final formulation”, they said. “The final product really is a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence and refusal to settle for anything but the best.”

Filling a market gap

The premise behind the product is to provide a single solution to clients in their post-treatment recovery. “We recognised a significant gap in the market for aftercare products that could simplify and optimise the healing journey, making it faster, more effective, and more comfortable,” Kimberley and Emillie explained. “No other product on the market comprehensively addressed all the unwanted side effects of cosmetic procedures, and that realisation fuelled our determination to create a solution.”

“We recognised a significant gap in the market for aftercare products that could simplify and optimise the healing journey, making it faster, more effective, and more comfortable.”

Combining their strengths and education in anatomy, physiology, recovery and repair, the women focused on the skin’s functions and requirements in developing CosMedi Repair. Their understanding of nutrition was also key, taking into consideration the role food serves as a foundation for repair. “Elements like vitamins, minerals, and proteins provide the essential building blocks the skin requires to heal from invasive cosmetic procedures. A diet lacking in these nutrients can hinder the repair process, whereas a nutritionally rich one can support and even accelerate it.” 

The formula incorporates natural ingredients where possible, like Calendula Officinalis flower, Centella Asiatica herb, and Matricaria Chamomilla flower, “recognising their untapped potential in promoting skin health”.

The repair process

While the women acknowledge the body’s incredible ability to self-repair, CosMedi Repair is designed to accelerate repair time and even reduce discomfort. Kimberley and Emillie argued that post-procedure care is a component of aesthetic transformation that has remained “inadequately addressed”, hindering the degree of clients’ success. 

“Effective post-procedure healing is paramount for several reasons: From an aesthetic standpoint, healing correctly and efficiently is pivotal for achieving the desired results and reducing the visibility of scars. On a deeper level, ensuring that the skin recovers properly minimises potential discomforts such as sensitivity, redness, or swelling. As our first line of defence, the skin plays a crucial role in warding off infections. When the skin is well-nurtured post-procedure, the chances of complications like bacterial or microbial intrusions diminish. Over time, this mindful approach to post-procedure care can pave the way for improved outcomes and a marked reduction in potential complications.”

Gaining TGA approval

The cream’s no doubt most significant feat was in attaining registration with the TGA. “When discussing CosMedi Repair’s registration with the TGA, it’s crucial to grasp the weight of what that means. The TGA is Australia’s gold standard when it comes to regulating therapeutic goods. It’s not just a badge—it signifies that a product like ours has undergone and met stringent criteria of safety, quality, and efficacy.”

The TGA is Australia’s gold standard when it comes to regulating therapeutic goods. It’s not just a badge—it signifies that a product like ours has undergone and met stringent criteria of safety, quality, and efficacy.

“To be blunt, most ‘off the shelf’ non-TGA cosmetic products contain insignificant amounts of ‘cosmetic quality’ extracts,” the women argued. “Getting the correct and significantly useful amounts of an extract into a formula is not as easy as people think; there is an involved science to this. The extracts in our formulation are sourced from authenticated and verified origins, ensuring superior identity and quality. No ingredient present in CosMedi Repair is there by chance or as a filler. We had to ensure that every single ingredient had demonstrated effectiveness and was established in medicinal monographs, pharmacopeias, clinical trials, and other rigorous evaluations.” 

For Kimberley and Emillie, “it’s not about fleeting aesthetic gains but genuine therapeutic benefits that have withstood rigorous monitoring.” Attaining TGA-approval provides trust to the consumer where cosmetics can often not. Doing so proved challenging, whereby the team underwent a series of complex steps to secure the accreditation. Such steps included: formulation and ingredient assessment, clinical evidence and trials, labelling scrutiny, manufacturing and quality assurance, and post-market monitoring. 

“When understood correctly, the TGA is an extraordinary resource and filter for scientifically validated ingredients and scientifically substantiation of viable amounts of that ingredient. Along with this, the significant advances in blending technology and base carrier creams that enhance rather than hinder application and absorption were critical.”

How to use CosMedi Repair

For clients treating an array of skin sensitivities, minor rashes, breakouts and small abrasions, CosMedi Repair can also be incorporated into their at-home regimens. “After regular cleansing and toning, applying CosMedi Repair offers an additional protective layer, enhancing skin healing and warding off potential environmental stressors,” the pair explained. The cream can also be combined with a moisturiser to enhance hydration levels.

“Furthermore, the skin’s health hinges on collagen synthesis and maintaining an optimal pH balance. Over time, as external factors play their part or as we naturally age, the importance of supporting collagen becomes evident. Regular application of CosMedi Repair ensures this collagen support, helping maintain the skin’s youthful elasticity and structure. The cream also stands out in preserving a balanced skin pH, which is pivotal for a resilient and robust skin barrier.” 

Kimberley and Emillie are currently looking to onboard skin stockists of CosMedi Repair. “In this vast landscape, CosMedi Repair represents credibility, assurance and validated efficacy.” 

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