Australia’s Roccoco Botanicals Wins International Allē Award for Anti-inflammatory Cleanser

Queensland-based, salon-stocked skincare brand Roccoco Botanicals has taken home the title of The Most Significant Skin/Body Care Formula in the Indie category at the 2022 Cosmetics & Toiletries Allē Awards.

The award was acquired for the brand’s Ruby Crystal Cleanser – an anti-inflammatory cleansing balm suitable for all skin types. On the product, one of the awards’ esteemed judges said: “I am a big fan of these oil-based cleanser formulations based on sucrose esters and this is no exception! Beautiful, elegant and sustainable formulation and packaging. Bravo! A very well-formulated product. Attentive to sustainability and eco-friendliness. Good data.”

The cleanser’s unique formulation combines active ingredients such as Ethyl Linoleate, Jojoba Oil, Rose Absolute and Passionfruit Seed Oil. Roccoco Botanicals founder and CEO Jacine Greenwood believes the success of the 7-in-1 cleanser comes down to evidence of “immediate visible results in the skin”, namely due to the “softening of lines, wrinkles and inflammation within 15 minutes of use.” She added: “It reduces histamine and evens the skin tone and texture for a clarified complexion.”

“It’s especially gratifying and humbling to be named the winner by a judging panel which includes scientists from industry royalty like Chanel and Estee Lauder,” Jacine said.

Roccoco Botanicals’ Jacine Greenwood

Jacine founded Roccoco Botanicals in 2011. Jacine, who commenced trading in 2013, is a qualified Registered Nurse with a background in beauty therapy. “I self-taught myself cosmetic chemistry and chose to become a qualified cosmetic chemist five years ago,” she told Professional Beauty. “I couldn’t find anything on the market that could fix my skin, so I chose to develop my own brand.”

“At Roccoco Botanicals, our mission is to support and repair the skin barrier particularly for the more than 50% of women who suffer from acne and others who contend with skin conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, molluscum contagiosum and atopic dermatitis,” she said. “There’s an epidemic of women suffering from skin problems, and we exist to help them.” 

While 30 beauty spaces across Australia stock Roccoco Botanicals, the USA is currently the brand’s largest market. ”Estheticians were drawn to our line for our results and education.  Many estheticians struggled to find solutions to skin conditions with the products they were using.  They kept seeing our results and, in their own words, could no longer ignore us.  It is from my reputation as an educator that Roccoco has grown. Initially, we did not have a professional back bar as we were originally a retail line, but then got adopted by professionals.”

Moving into 2023, Jacine is preparing to launch the brand’s newest range: Roccoco Native. “We have partnered with an indigenous company to release products with unique native extracts that have been verified scientifically for their medicinal properties.  The range will only contain native indigenous plants which gives a livelihood and income to the indigenous communities.”

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