Looking for an LED Update? Healite II by Lutronic Is Here

Light Emitting Diode (LED) treatments have become an essential add-on or standalone treatment for clinicians. As of late, client demand for these services has increased in response to the impressive results they can achieve. Targeting a variety of skin-related indications, LED treatment is suitable for clients as it is non-invasive and typically requires no down time.

Why Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)?

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) omitted using Lutronic’s intelligent Healite II system provides a controlled, yet powerful light source to photomodulate cellular function. Some of the key benefits of using LLLT include: the production of ideal wavelengths, its ability to work at subcellular, cellular and tissue level, and its ability to treat multiple indications.

Healite II utilises a total of 1800 durable, high-quality LED’s. The technology omits yellow (830/590), red (633) and blue (415) nm lights to treat a range of concerns, from wounds through to active acne.

Healite II by Lutronic

An expert’s opinion

One such advocate for Lutronic’s Healite II technology is Dr Danae Lim. Danae is a qualified cosmetic doctor experienced in non-surgical rejuvenation. She is also a Cosmetic Physician at Shape Clinic – a leading plastic surgery practice in Sydney. Danae backs the device’s relevance: “Have a treatment, we give you a Healite. Don’t have a treatment, we still give you a Healite. We do this so often just for their skin health – it’s a no brainer for us.”

Learn more on Healite II

This month, Professional Beauty will join Dr Danae Lim on behalf of Lutronic for an informative and engaging webinar to discuss the Healite II – the World’s leading LED. This webinar will offer a detailed look at the functionality of this technology, ideas on how to upsell this treatment in a clinic setting, and the advantages of working with Lutronic ANZ distributor Advanced Cosmeceuticals.

Register your interest in the Professional Beauty x Lutronic webinar via this link.

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