InMode Combines Exosomes With Morpheus8 for its Love Your Skin Campaign

Australian medical device distributor InMode recently celebrated the launch of its Love Your Skin campaign combining the globally-renowned Morpheus8 treatment with ASCE+ Exosomes.

The campaign partners InMode with South Korean biopharmaceutical company ExoCoBio. InMode will serve as exclusive distributor of the Advanced Skincare Complex, which has already garnered popularity in Korea and the US.

Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle (tiny fluid sack) packed with growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that act as a messenger between skin cells.

The treatment pairing is said to be “bigger than Botox” as the latest breakthrough in clinically proven skin rejuvenation. Enhanced collagen production, reduced inflammation, and an improvement to skin texture and tone are noted as some of the treatment’s key benefits.

Therapies are administered topically, through injections or as part of more advanced medical procedures depending on the specific condition being treated.

InMode Australia Managing Director, Dennis Cronje said the introduction of ASCE+ exosomes will greatly complement and enhance treatments such as Morpheus8, popular with people wanting enhanced results and a quicker recovery time.

“We are pleased to be partnering with ExoCoBio to bring the industry’s most advanced exosome solutions to the Australian healthcare and aesthetic market,” Dennis said.

“The combination of exosomes with Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatments, as well as any disruptive facial or scalp treatment, including laser, IPL, needling, or chemical peels, can deliver significant benefits by promoting collagen remodeling and reducing the downtime and discomfort associated with skin trauma,” he added.

“ExoCoBio has garnered international recognition for its exosome products. They are known as the leaders in their field, having conducted extensive clinical research, have the most published studies, and the most peer reviewed papers. So, we know they’re the best.”

To celebrate the launch, InMode hosted an intimate cocktail event at Sydney’s Chiswick last month.

Speaking at the event was cosmetic specialist Dr Paul Han, who has already started using exosomes on clients at his Sydney clinic, Han’s Aesthetic. He said exosome treatment reduces downtime after Morpheus8 treatment and enhances the result. 

“The key word here is ‘natural’. Exosome treatment rejuvenates the skin, but keeps it looking natural and that’s what people want,” Paul said. “This is the newest beauty game changer and the best part is, it’s suitable for all skin types.”

Dr Liz Golez of Lift Aesthetics has become the first practitioner in Australia to use exosomes for women’s intimate health.

“Using exosomes after Morpheus8V aims to help with cell to cell signaling to produce collagen and elastin,” Dr Golez said. “This helps with problems like dryness and vaginal laxity that occur after menopause.

“The average age of menopause is 51 but women are living well into their 80s and should be able to continue to have a satisfying sex life.”

To learn more on exosomes and Morpheus8, visit the InMode website.

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