Brow Code Enters The Gaming Arena

Brow Code launched a reward-based digital game on 13 September. The game ‘Brow Crush’ is a first-of-its-kind tech-forward and customer-centric move for an Australian beauty brand.

Brow Code is an Australian-based business which has products stocked by over 150,000 salons and retailers worldwide. Celebrity Eyebrow Stylist Melanie Marris launched the brand in Perth in 2017 and has since built a universally-recognised brow empire.

The big prize

Brow Crush aligns with the release of Apple’s brand new iPhone 14. Consequently, the winner of Brow Crush will receive a model of the highly-anticipated mobile device. The competition will run for ten days (until 23 September) and the top scorer at the end wins the prize.

The premise is simple: users need to swipe on Brow Code cosmetics and match three or more to receive points. The game took inspiration from the popular online game Candy Crush. A player will automatically level up if they reach the target within a specific number of moves.

Brow Code’s commitment to unique initiatives

“Brow Code prides itself as being the first beauty brand to have launched a digital game of its own in the metaverse. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do with the goal of creating an engaging and enjoyable customer experience for our online community through unique initiatives. We think our customers are going to be hyped about the opportunity to win Apple’s latest iPhone 14 through this game,” said Brow Code Founder, Melanie Marris.

Brow Crush is now available on Brow Code’s website via mobile or laptop. However, the game is not downloadable as an application.

Marris also revealed that Brow Crush is not the beauty brand’s first foray into online gaming: “It’s 3022 at Brow Code and innovation is at the forefront of all that we do. After the success of ‘Rob the Vault’ where thousands of people were hooked on to win the stunning Cartier Ring, we thought our customers were going to be excited about Brow Code’s new game release and the chance to win the high-tech iPhone 14 reward.” 

She added, “We are always working on improving our customer experience and we aim to keep our finger on the pulse with technology and the digital space.”

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