According to ABIC, These Brands Are Embracing Innovations in Beauty Tech

Technology is a driving change in almost every industry, and the beauty industry is no exception. From AI assisted technology, to skincare products that are technologically designed and feature breakthrough, science-based ingredients, the face of beauty is increasingly bound up in technological advances. By Tracey Horden.

Many recent innovations have also changed how companies sell products, engage in manufacturing, and how they engage with customers. The bottom line is that beauty companies that integrate the latest technological solutions into their business models will always have the edge over the competition.

Consider this, there is now a range of solutions from hair removal, skin age and skin correction management through to body contouring, tattoo removal and much more. Only 30 years ago, these solutions would have been considered almost unattainable, but today these are typical offerings that consumers could expect from their neighbourhood beauty clinic – and it’s all thanks to technological advances.

As our digital and real worlds become more and more interconnected, every element of the aesthetics sector is increasingly based on cutting-edge innovations, with the majority of beauty treatments and skincare brands now also leveraging the latest technological advancements.

The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) celebrates the advantages of technology has bestowed on the industry, given it was established with the support of their Foundational Members, all of whom share a deep connection with emerging technology. Candela Medical, Caron Lab, Cutera, Cynosure, The Global Beauty Group, High Tech Medical, and INSKIN Cosmedics are all industry-leading, developers and distributors of technically advanced aesthetics solutions.

Savvy consumers now also expect their skincare to perform, and that’s due to unimpeachable science-backed claims. The skincare industry has been completely transformed with advancements in skin biology, biological gene, skin microbiome, and nanotechnology.

New ingredients have been developed, leading to the emergence of innovative product categories. Skincare brands such as Advanced Skin Technology, Dermalist, Dermalogica, Dermaviduals, Issada, Murad and Sothys-Paris are all ABIC Foundation Members, with each of these world-class brands offering advanced skincare solutions, thanks to technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Beauty Tech

The recently emerged concept of ‘beauty tech’ involves incorporating digitalisation and technology into the development, production, and distribution of products to improve the ultimate customer experience. This technology-driven approach has gained widespread acceptance in the industry, with major beauty brands introducing innovative products and treatments that are disrupting the industry.

As with any industry, the future of the beauty sector is shaped by the consumers themselves and that includes the increase of digital experiences that are more authentic and personalised. An example of this would be a highly personalised, digital skin analysis and prescription.

In this paradigm of personalised beauty solutions, that are shared thanks to technology, it is the customer experience that is paramount as it produces engagement while bringing together wider communities such as ABIC around shared values.

ABIC recognises that technology is rapidly transforming the entire aesthetics and beauty industry, leading to the emergence of innovative science-based treatments and skincare products. It is a fact that technological advancements are making a huge difference for consumers and by embracing these advancements, the wider industry is revolutionising the way we look, age and feel.

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