4 Beauty Services Putting Client Convenience First

Hannah Gay navigates the Australian beauty industry one burgeoning trend at a time. The topic: Client Convenience.

We’ve become so accustomed to living in a 24/7 world, it feels near impossible to ever switch off. The internet keeps us up at night, and social media provides a running stream of recommendations, inspiring ideas and commentary.

Changing too are the needs of your clients. Just as the WFH model has dominated working lives for the last two years, the 9-5 work day no longer exists in its rigidity. Fitting in their beauty treatments can often feel like more of a chore than a treat, leaving beauty therapists stumped on how to provide greater flexibility to their clients when in need.

Some businesses are taking it upon themselves to change the narrative; to prioritise convenience for their clients above all else. When time and energy is to be savoured, waiting weeks for a facial or simply navigating transport to and from a wax can easily deter even the most avid of beauty goers.

More and more businesses are taking note. Whole business models, from mobile beauty services to contactless tech treatments, are making their mark. I tapped into the trend and narrowed in on four professional services considering convenience first.

Beauty on the move

Ordering food via a delivery service app has become second nature to us, so why not enjoy a professional manicure in your own home to boot? Mobile beauty services are available Australia-wide with various businesses launching in recent years to feed client demand. Ilter Dumduz, CEO and founder of Blys, believes the pandemic further bolstered the public’s interest in safe self-care. “Aussies want to access things on their terms and on their schedule, and it was only a matter of time before the beauty industry joined the on-demand movement too.”

A beneficial service for both the client and the practitioner, mobile services provide flexibility and service personalisation. Practitioners can also “earn 2-3 times more per treatment than in a spa or salon, and as mobile business owners not have to worry about the stresses of finding clients, doing marketing, customer service and chasing payments.”

Blys has garnered success for its customer-centric company culture, dedication “to building a platform that makes wellness services accessible for clients, while creating financial wellness and flexibility for mobile providers,” Ilter says. Blys also operates a strict screening process for their practitioners to ensure professionalism and qualifications are up to scratch.

Cool to keep quiet

Ever heard of giving one the silent treatment? Well, the expression has taken on a whole new meaning in 2022 and clients are here for it. What began as a trendy offering in hair salons is making its way into the beauty world, where slotting into beauty treatment menus are what are commonly referred to as ‘silent appointments’. Clients can elect a specific in-salon booking completely sans chat in an attempt to cut out the small talk. The experience can be freeing for clients facing social insecurity, and for those needing to knuckle down on a hard deadline without the chit-chat.

Tan at any time

One of the coolest business ideas to land in my TikTok feed of late is a self-serve tanning service devised by Bare Bronze Studio (BBS). Open 24/7, spaces dotted around Melbourne are designed to allow clients the freedom to get sprayed any time, day or night, in privacy and without judgment, BBS’s Ally Shahien tells me. With the use of a PIN number (or FOB for members), “our studio is able to take bookings/make payments online” or via their app. “The studio fit outs are designed for the best [client] experience. From cameras in the public spaces, to automated heating, music and bathrooms – it just adds to the experience. “You can be in and out of the booth in under six minutes – dry, not sticky or smelly.” Tanning booths are fitted with warm jets for comfort, multiple shade choices (including a clear option!) and three depths per colour. To ensure consistency of results, Ally says “the booth automatically scans your body being able to identify your height and differentiates between your head, body and legs.” Clients are provided instructions on how best to prep for their tan before arrival, too. “The experience for us is focused on privacy, accessibility, security and of course, a great tan!”

Fresh-faced in a flash

Loved by salon owners and clients alike is professional skincare giant Guinot, whose 30-minute Hydradermie Lift Express treatment is designed to provide an instant ‘lifting’ effect. This quick fix facial works like a bout of lymphatic drainage, where the brand’s Cellular Energy device uses a low frequency current to contour the face and reinvigorate the skin with no downtime. Once the epidermis is ‘awake’, nourishing Guinot products are infused into the skin with the aim of delivering a youthful glow to its clients. Like a HITT class for the face, clients can expect to walk away with a more toned, red carpet-ready appearance without blocking hours out from their calendars at a time.

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