Hair & Beauty Industry Award casual rate to increase by 25% over next two and a half years

According to the Hair and Beauty Industry Australia Association (HABA), the beauty industry award casual rate will see a 25% increase over the next two and a half years. “Casual hair and beauty employees are set to gain a pay rise of up to $92 per week by 2023… with the inclusion of a casual loading on top of existing penalty rates,” says HABA.

“Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA) National President Maureen Harding said that the agreed change in rates was “fair and sensible” and recognised that many hair and beauty businesses were continuing to struggle from the effects of lockdowns and pandemic restrictions.

This change to penalty rates brings hair and beauty payments into line with other, equivalent sectors, and is made possible by HABA’s agreement with unions to phase in the increases and to keep casual loading for public holidays at the same rate.”

Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary the SDA the union for retail, fast food warehouse and online retailing, says “Without the onset of COVID, this agreement, which brings hairdressers in line with other sectors, could well have been achieved earlier. This demonstrates the capacity of employers and employees to work together to achieve good results in a tough environment. An increase in wages for lower paid workers, and in this case tradespeople, is just what the Reserve Bank has been advocating. It is good, not only for hairdressers, but for the economy more broadly. This agreement on improved wages may also encourage more Australians to take up a trade, improving the skills base of the workforce, which is just what politicians of all stripes agree is needed.”

HABA reports that “Subject to approval by the Fair Work Commission, weekend casual loading rates will increase in 5% increments from January 31, 2022, to December 31, 2023.

Union officials said the total increase would be $5.75 an hour, implemented in five $1.15 an hour increments. Casuals doing a single weekend shift would see their pay increase by $46 or $92 for both days.”

More information

Find out more information on the decision at the Fair Work Commission website.

If you are a salon owner seeking advice on how to comply to the new wage measures, you can contact HABA on the Hair and Beauty Australia Workplace Advice Line on (02) 9221 9911 (open from 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST) or if you are a member of the Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council you can contact them for advice.

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