Circadia CEO Michael Pugliese Vouches for Chronobiology Ahead of Sydney Visit This August

Running in line with Beauty Expo 2023, Circadia CEO Michael Pugliese will host a skincare training event.

Circadia Connect will take place Monday August 28 at The Hilton in Sydney and is set to provide a unique education and networking opportunity for skincare professionals. Anyone involved in the industry can participate; attendance is not limited to existing Circadia partners.

Attendees will also receive Circadia skincare goodies upon arrival, a light lunch, and have access to special discounts and promotions by the brand.

The event will be led by Michael and will provide insights around new ingredient technology and circadian rhythms. 

The scientific philosophy behind Circadia skincare is its attention to the study of chronobiology. In a journal article published by Okan Çalıyurt for The National Library of Medicine, “chronobiology is the study of biological rhythms. It examines the effects of time on biological events and internal biological clocks.”

Scientists also understand biological, or circadian rhythms to “regulate essential functions ranging from hormone release to body temperature, sleep, and metabolism,” notes Charles Schmidt for Harvard Medicine. 

We spoke to Michael Pugliese to learn more on what event attendees can expect:

What relevance does the study of chronobiology have on the skin?

“Circadia professional skincare is based on the skin and body’s natural circadian rhythms. Chronobiology, the biology of time, is based on the principles of defending skin from damage during the day, and stimulating repair during sleep, and is at the core of our concept.”

Is it possible for the circadian rhythms of our skin to fall out of whack? If so, what consequences can occur?

“Disruption of the circadian rhythm can lead to various skin disorders, including premature aging, increased inflammation, impaired barrier function and an increased risk of skin cancer.”

In what ways are Circadia products and treatments unique compared to similar skincare lines in-market?
“Circadia’s formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cell technology, second generation vitamins, and innovative peptide development to achieve optimal skin health and beauty. 

The Circadia collection offers unique treatment options such as chemical peel alternatives, innovative delivery systems and patented ingredient technology exclusive to Circadia, [which has] resulted in documented performance. Our concept allows us to deliver science and nature in perfect rhythm.”

For how long has Circadia been available in Australia?

“Circadia has been available in Australia for more than a decade, and about three years ago we established a great distributorship who has been able to consistently provide Circadia to ambitious skincare professionals throughout the region.”

Who is the ideal attendee at Circadia Connect Sydney 2023?

“Circadia Connect will be beneficial for attendees who are passionate about skin science, connecting with other skincare professionals, and who share in the excitement of the industry!”

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