Why You Should Embrace A Squiggly Career

Aoibhinn Mc Bride outlines the many positives to working outside the line.

In today’s market the idea of a “job for life” is redundant, particularly with Gen Z workers.

In fact, recent data from McCrindle suggests that 83% of Gen Z workers are more likely to explore multiple income streams over the course of their careers to deal with the rising cost of living compared to their older counterparts.

They also have an entrepreneurial streak with 77% sharing that they see themselves owning a small business or being an intrapreneur—someone who combines a side hustle with traditional employment—in the future.

Personal values are also a big motivator when it comes to employment and according to recent data, 75% would reconsider applying to a company if they weren’t satisfied with its diversity and inclusion efforts.

The long and winding road

Enter the “squiggly career”, a phrase coined by authors of a book of the same name, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis.

Created to denote a career path that features many unexpected twists and turns, those who opt for a squiggly career are more likely to change jobs more often, have a side hustle or adapt their skills and experience to lots of different industries, allowing them to pivot to new roles more often.

And the benefits of embracing a squiggly career are manifold: changing jobs several times over the course of a career builds resilience and makes workers more receptive to change instead of fearing it, something that is particularly relevant as technology continues to disrupt and challenge conventional ways of working across every industry.

Thriving not surviving

What makes a squiggly career different from job hopping from company to company without any real plan or consideration for your future? In a nutshell, learning and development.

While a CV littered with less than a year at a litany of employers is bound to be a red flag for any recruiter or hiring manager, work experience that shows progression via the acquiring of new skills should be seen as a positive.

Ditto a side hustle. While extra cash is the main motivation for many workers with an additional income stream, successfully creating a business while working full time or utilising your skills in a new way while also juggling a day job denotes leadership, excellent time management skills and ambition.

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Full-Time Skincare Specialist – Broadway, Sephora, Sydney

Sephora is seeking a Full-Time Skincare Specialist in Sydney. This is your opportunity to bring your passion, share your knowledge, and make your mark at a leading global beauty retailer. You’ll shine in this role if you enjoy educating clients about skin care routines, treatment options, and preventive measures, are a keen observer of new products and the latest skin trends and techniques and have previous sales experience. You should have previous experience in skincare/skin services and you’ll be a people person with sales experience. Apply now.

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