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Did you know that LED light therapy to treat skin woes was discovered by NASA back in the 1990s? 

Through NASA’s attempts to grow food for astronauts using artificial light sources, the reparative benefits of LED on the skin became known. While used initially as a means to manage pain and lesions caused by serious skin issues, LED devices have today made their way into the mainstream.

Aestheticians commend light therapy for its several uses and incorporate the device into in-clinic treatments for a variety of reasons, from barrier repair to collagen production.

At-home LED devices have experienced a surge in popularity since the commencement of COVID lockdowns, yet fail to meet the power omitted by those used in a professional setting.

For Shape Clinic’s Dr Steven Liew, Healite II by Lutronic is the only LED device he needs.

“At Shape Clinic, we own three Healites, soon to be four. It’s the most utilised machine in the clinic, amongst all our devices, for all our patients,” Dr Liew tells Professional Beauty.

Healite II by Lutronic

The Shape team first acquired a Healite II a decade ago, and haven’t looked back. 

“For our surgical patients, everyone gets the 830nm and 633nm [lights], which are great for reducing post-op discomfort. In particular, this combination decreases swelling, bruising and pain.

For our non surgical procedures, we routinely also use the above wavelengths post-laser, chemical peels, total face injectables and general skin rejuvenation. 

We have had patients coming in regularly for the Healite for years which is very evident in their skin quality.”

Dr Liew says the Shape team use the Healite II to treat four main indications:

  1. Post-op surgical cases to reduce bruising and swelling,
  2. Our laser and chemical resurfacing patients, and total face injectable patients to calm swelling and redness,
  3. General skin rejuvenation cases,
  4. And acne patients.

“The 415nm is used in combination with the other wavelengths specifically for acne and anti-inflammation, which reduces scarring and aids healing.”

Not only does the Healite II provide a high degree of comfort to the patient, Dr Liew says it is ergonomically efficient as it can be used across all body parts, is steady and easy to move around.

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