This Is The Workplace Jargon Australians Love, And Loathe

Jargon: it’s a hindrance to productivity and inclusivity. Here are the terms Aussies find most confusing, writes Kirstie McDermott.

There are many ways in which work can confound, baffle and plain annoy us, and one of those is due to the amount of jargon we have to contend with.

It is true that the beauty industry loves a bit of jargon, as well as a TLA (three letter acronym) and sometimes trying to follow and decipher conversations that are littered with unfamiliar terms can be really baffling.

The issue, you will be happy to know, isn’t just an Australian problem, nor is it limited to the beauty sector. In fact, a recent workplace jargon report from DuoLingo has found that it is a global issue with workplace jargon showing up in every industry of the workers polled.

Vietnam reports the highest incidence of too much workplace jargon at 76%, with 38% of Australians feeling similar. Globally, 60% of workers say they’ve had to figure out workplace jargon on their own.

Slows productivity

Understandably, this causes stress, slows their productivity, and can also have the effect of leaving some people feeling excluded from conversations, with 19% of working professionals saying that when people they work with use a lot of jargon, it does not create an environment of inclusion and belonging.

This is especially true for those who speak English as a second language. These workers feel the implications of workplace jargon more, because so many of these terms come from English-speaking business conversations, and there are no literal translations.

Roughly half of the workers who are professionally proficient in English as a second language say that jargon is the cause of a mistake or misunderstanding at work, compared to 40% who speak English as their first language.

Keep it simple

Career expert Andrew McCaskill says that as a rule, keep it simple. “Remember, jargon isn’t equally understood by everyone. While every workplace has its unique culture and terminology, do your best to keep language simple. For example, instead of “let’s get our ducks in a row before this meeting” try replacing it with something more literal, like: “Let’s get organised before this meeting.”

Wastes time

57% of workers around the world say jargon misunderstandings wastes time multiple times a month, with 32% saying their time is wasted several times a week. Plus, 40% of professionals say they’ve had a misunderstanding or made a mistake at work because they didn’t know the meaning of workplace jargon.

But not all jargon is bad. When it comes to the lingo Aussies actually use, it’s quite different from the jargon they find the most confusing.

Most common jargon used in Australia

  1. Good to go
  2. Touching base
  3. Arvo
  4. Slammed
  5. Bludger

Most confusing jargon used in Australia

  1. Boiling the ocean
  2. Noodling
  3. Low-hanging fruit
  4. Juice worth the squeeze
  5. Wheelhouse

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