Training in new cosmetic tattoo technique

Ella Boffa, Gold Coast-based specialist cosmetic tattoo technician, accredited trainer and assessor, recently trained in a new cosmetic tattoo technique, which she is now offering in Australia.

Boffa, of Ella Boffa Cosmetic Tattoo Training Academy, attended an intensive professional development workshop in Hawaii, conducted by Dr. Linda Dixon, founder and owner of the “Dixon Technique” for cosmetic tattoo artists.

After attending the workshop, Boffa commented that she can only begin to marvel at the amazing evolution and recent advancements in the industry in which she has spent her working life.

“Although cosmetic tattooing is an art that comes with much practice and dedication, the tools used by the technician are equally as important in achieving natural and long lasting results for their clients,” Boffa added.

“The Dixon Technique” is said to have revolutionised cosmetic tattooing. Boffa explained that the technique allows more pigment to be inserted into the upper dermis of the skin, in less time, with less damage to the skin, and less discomfort to the client. Healing time for the client is also faster due to shorter treatment times.

Following the workshop, Boffa purchased the new Contour Nouveau Intelligent machine which was used in the training. Boffa said she is amazed at how the new jewel machine inserts pigment into the skin effortlessly and has produced the most natural and impressive results she has seen.

For any technicians who own the Dragon machine, Boffa can now offer the 5-slope Dixon needle and flat cap and can also offer purchases from the new Kolor Source Pigment Range, a new range variety of fully researched and professionally tested pigments.

Cosmetic tattoo technicians who would like to add the new technique to their repertoire can find more information on Boffa’s training website at or call her on 1800 482 886.

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