‘Spot a Spot’ Course to Assist Beauty Therapists in the Fight Against Melanoma

TAFE NSW has announced the launch of a new microskills course titled ‘Spot a Spot’.

The course was created to educate beauty therapists and hairdressers in how to recognise signs of melanoma in their clients.

Spot a Spot was developed in collaboration with TAFE NSW, the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation, Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA), Keune, and Airyday.

The course runs for 45 minutes and is delivered online for a $50 fee. Multiple licenses can be purchased for teams consisting of 10 or more.

TAFE NSW will also offer free places to apprentices studying a Certificate IV in Beauty.

According to TAFE NSW, the aim of the course is to help beauty therapists recognise potentially suspicious skin lesions on their clients’ skin, and to confidently start a conversation with a client regarding a suspicious spot.

Maureen Harding, the National President of HABA, said the course will help beauty and hair staff to start the conversation with their clients.  

“I’ve been a hairdresser for 50 years and have had these conversations with my clients, including ones that turned out to have lifesaving outcomes,” Maureen said. 

“What’s great about this course is that… it offers practical information about what makes a spot suspicious, and different ways to start a conversation with a client about a subject that can be very scary.” 

Airyday Founder, Frances van der Velden told Professional Beauty of her pride in partnering with TAFE for this course as a “perfect practical step”.

The Airyday brand is a lot more than just selling products. We strongly believe in the sun safety messaging and want to do our part to ensure every Australian has access to beautiful SPF to wear every day,” Frances said.

Airyday Founder, Frances van der Velden

Frances explained why the cause is so close to her heart, having had a hairdresser notice an unusual spot in her own hairline; a spot that turned out to be basal cell carcinoma (BCC).

Frances hopes the course can “help increase early intervention” and “reduce skin cancer rates and deaths in Australia.”

Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world, with one Australian diagnosed every 30 minutes and around 1300 deaths every year.

To complete the course, visit TAFE NSW.

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