Places still available for Mentor Management Sydney workshops

Places are still available for two Sydney workshops with Sharyn Raiti from Mentor Management on August 31.

Both the Melbourne and Brisbane workshops have sold out.

The “innovative beauty industry workshops” will cover topics including maximising sales with “Powerbooking”, and how to make sure your business is “unbreakable” during times of change.

Raiti (pictured) said that attendees can, “expect a fresh approach to delivery styles and information. These workshops are tailored to speak the language of your beauty business and achieve exact results. You will leave motivated and surprised that training can be educational and enjoyable at the same time.

“It’s time to add a new layer to what you and your employees are already doing well with a boost from Mentor Management training programs.”

Raiti writes all of her own training programs, ensuring industry-specific information and an innovative approach to facilitation.

Workshop details:

‘Powerbooking’ workshop: New sales and maximising opportunity

Share four hours of proven Powerbooking formulas, scripts and processes to make the most of Powerbooking.

Sydney Monday 31st August 9 – 1pm.

This is an intelligent sales concept that shows you and your team how to boost hourly productivity and maximise untapped opportunity. Powerbooking focuses on not only how to fill appointment gaps, but how to push beyond expectations using forward planning as your driver. Every attendee will be included in Powerbooking activities to fully understand this incredible sales tool. Even the most advanced therapist will be surprised at how to generate more money. This workshop will boost sales and increase motivation.

Powerbooking is a special technique trademarked to Mentor Management and endorsed by Sharyn Raiti
Ideal for: managers, owners and therapists: $139 per person includes exclusive Mentor Management Powerbooking certificate.

The Unbreakable Business: learn strategic business strategies to increase your turnover

Sydney Monday 31st August 2 – 5pm.

Are we really experiencing ‘fragile times’ or do you just need some proven strategies to boost your business?

In just three hours, Raiti will show you how to apply simple business strategies to make more money with your existing database. She will deliver the importance of driving and growing your database to keep your customers with you for the long-term. You will also be shown how to refresh your salon targets, goals and staff incentives to increase hourly productivity to achieve optimum performance. Expect a myriad of low cost or no cost marketing ideas to reboot your database to push your business forward.

Ideal for: managers and owners: $99 per person.

Attend both for $199 – save $39.

Discounts are available for group salon bookings. Call 0410 691 910 or email

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