Mentor Management ‘Christmas Sales’ workshop

Sharyn Raiti from Mentor Management has announced a new ‘Christmas Sales’ workshop in Brisbane on Monday 26th October, 2009.

The workshop, which will be based on Raiti’s trademarked Powerbooking concept, will comprise four hours of proven Powerbooking formulas, scripts and processes to make the most of the Powerbooking approach.

“This workshop is a sales and maximising opportunity workshop, showing you how to boost Christmas sales. It will boost sales and confidence far beyond belief, increase your motivation and will have your head spinning long after your departure. You can’t afford not to attend!” Raiti said.

According to Raiti (pictured), the Powerbooking concept is an intelligent sales concept that shows business owners and their team how to boost hourly productivity and maximise untapped opportunity.

“Powerbooking focuses on not only how to fill appointment gaps but how to push beyond your wildest expectations using forward planning as your driver,” she said.

“Every attendee will be included in Powerbooking activities to fully understand this incredible sales tool and it will surprise even the most advanced therapist about how to generate more money!”

Raiti said that previous Powerbooking workshops have proven very popular. One previous attendee, Clare D from Beauty on Latrobe in Brisbane, said:

“I feel the seminar has helped transform my girls into ‘business therapists’ and build my own motivation to nurture their goals in my business. I have been trying to do this for a while now but [Sharyn’s] presentation put it so perfectly that I saw the light bulbs click on in their minds and we all left feeling inspired and driven to work harder and be more focused in our business. [She] helped me to see that as the business owner I don’t need to be the only source of motivation; that my Business Therapists can find it within themselves with my mentoring to achieve their goals and strive for success.”

The workshop is ideal for managers, owners and therapists.

Mentor Management’s Brisbane ‘Christmas Sales’ workshop
Date: Monday 26th October, 2009
Time: 10am to 2pm
Venue: In central Brisbane CBD
Cost: $139 per person – includes exclusive Mentor Management Powerbooking certificate. Discounts for groups.

Limited seats available so early bookings recommended.

For further information, phone 0410 691 910 or email  

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