JOYA Crystal Massage Courses

JOYA Crystal Massage is a unique and deeply relaxing modality for body and facial massages. JOYA Australia is offering their first Crystal Massage Course for 2013.

Back massage using JOYA

Certified JOYA practitioner, massage and beauty therapist, Priscilla French from Priscilla’s Holistic Massage and Beauty, Glenorie, NSW, says, “Since introducing JOYA into my body massages and facials, my practice has grown. The Crystal Massage rollers are quite simply the best tool I have ever used; they save my thumbs and give me both physical and alternative choices for my clients.”

Facial temple massage using JOYA pens

Get more clients and keep them coming back with JOYA Australia’s courses in Brisbane and Sydney.

Bookings for Brisbane training is held on 28th January 2013 and will close on Friday 18th January 2013.

Bookings for Sydney training on 20th May 2013 and are open 13th May 2013.

For more information and bookings visit

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