Hawley launches instructional DVDs

Hawley International has released a series of advanced tutorial DVDs for Illume Acrylic Enhancement and Hawley UV Gel Systems.

Each DVD is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to precise and easy application, under the expert instruction of Hawley National Educator, Paula Shone-Adams.

The DVDs include the correct use of products and implements, product consistency etc. and provide a clear and thorough training guide with tips and advice.

Hawley International’s Louise Rees said: “The DVDs came about as a result of the need for a tool to further enhance and update skills already learned from Hawley training and educational seminars led by Paula Shone-Adams. We will be adding other useful information and tutorials to complement this first edition that can be utilised by all levels to help further their skill and knowledge base in manicure/pedicure. The response so far has been overwhelming and it gives a great feeling to be involved.”

Hawley said that the DVDs are suitable for the veteran or novice, and help eliminate mistakes or bad habits, vastly improve application techniques for faster and more streamlined finishes, while allowing nail professionals to achieve a higher level of skill, build self confidence and, ultimately, an increased customer base.

The DVDs are part of the exclusive Professional Illume Kit package or can be purchased separately.

For more information, contact Hawley International on (02) 8667 1700

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