FURTHER EDUCATION: Clinical Therapies and Laser Institute

PASSING ON 30 Years of Clinical Experience.

Training with practical, handson experience for advanced laser treatments is essential for safety & results. Many experts agree that effective, advanced post-graduate courses must be based on practical, hands-on experience.

Hands-on learning is essential A person’s future is determined by their passion and propelled by excellence, confidence and commitment, and at the Clinical Therapies and Laser Institute, we understand this.
Students are taught using practical,
hands-on strategies, emphasising a faceto-face relationship between trainer and
student. A focus on excellence in safety and results allows our students to be supported in their commitment to educational superiority, quality service and career advancement.

In an environment where questions can be answered, talents can be enhanced and excellence can be achieved, a Learning by Doing approach is emphasised. Our students are qualified with a superior skill set to ensure that they can become an expert in their field of passion.

Students of the Clinical Therapies and Laser Institute will become valued and capable members of the industry and leaders in various fields of aesthetic practice.

Ph: 1800 628 999
Website: laserinstitute.edu.au

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