Donna Mee Masterclasses: The Make-Up Foundation Brisbane

Coming in March 2013 (17th – 21st) don't miss this rare opportunity to meet and learn from American celebrity makeup artist and top industry educator Donna Mee.

This prestigious event will give attendees the opportunity to meet and network with other artists and industry professionals as well as learning tips and tricks from the best. Become enlightened and inspired as Donna shares her wisdom and passion for educating on the subject of beauty.

After honing her skills working in catwalk, print and television, she specialises in beauty makeup for print work and is known for her commanding presence and ability to articulate complex science and theory in a way that is easily understood.

Attendees will discover advanced makeup application tips and techniques and gain industry insight on many subjects that will benefit their career. Book early to avoid disappointment:


Sunday 17th March, 10am – 12pm.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet American makeup artist and top industry educator, Donna Mee. This two-hour Sunday afternoon event/mixer will give attendees the opportunity to meet and business network with other artists and industry pros. Donna will give a 90-minute presentation on her background and experience, explain how she got started and achieved success at various levels as a freelance artist and beauty entrepreneur. Attendees will discover advanced makeup application tips and techniques and gain industry insight on many subjects that will benefit them. The event will wrap up with a question and answer session. Become enlightened and inspired as Donna shares her wisdom and passion for educating on the subject of beauty.

Sunday 17th March, 1pm – 9pm.
1-Day Class lecture/ PowerPoint / handouts / hands-on

The most important part of every makeup application you do is the eyes. The techniques taught in this class will allow you to instantly know the best colors to enhance anyone's eye colour to their maximum potential. If and when you do not have the right colours, Donna will show you how to create the colours from the ones you do have. This class will change the way you do eye makeup forever! Donna will break down and demystify how to use "Colour Theory" in new found ways that will enable you to select the exact shades of eye makeup to enhance every eye colour combination including brown eyes. (Brown is not even on the color wheel!) Discover exactly what colours should be in your kit so that you can create the most amazing colour combinations.


Monday 18th March, 11am – 7pm
Class lecture seminar/ Powerpoint / hands-on

Improve the caliber of your work by learning how to master many things that cannot be resolved with Photoshop. Discover the differences in how to achieve a beautiful luminescent glow depending for a photo shoot, a bride, and an everyday woman. Learn necessary details in regard to giving skin creating a beautiful matte finish without looking made-up or cakey. Many tips for eyebrows and eye makeup application will be taught that will change/improve the way you apply clients eye makeup for the rest of your career. The topics and lessons covered in this class will enable artists to take their makeup applications to the next level with many advanced techniques and product utilization tips. Students will also gain knowledge of many of Donna's favourite and must-have products in her kit

Tuesday 19th March, 11am – 7pm
1-Day class lecture seminar/ PowerPoint / hands-on 10 – 20 students

In this one-day makeup application class, you will discover 12 things that determine exactly how to custom create a look for each bride. Learn the difference in makeup coverage, finish, formulations and colors that are best for the season and mainly if the wedding is indoor verses outdoor. Discover how the time of year and time of ceremony affects the look you should create and colors you should be using and avoiding. Students will learn about bridal makeup must have's, on location preparation and how to determine photo-friendly cosmetics and avoid future purchases of products that do not deliver professional results. If you desire to become the top bridal artist in your area, this class is imperative.

Wed-Thurs, March 20th – 21st, 11am – 7pm
2-Day class lecture/ demonstrations/ handouts/ hands-on 10- 20 students

Discover how the understanding optical illusions will help you create them in makeup. The ability to make someone appear as if they were born with better bone structure is powerful and impressive. Learn how to create the "epitome of beauty" enabling you to make every woman look and feel more attractive before applying eye makeup and lip colour with foundation, contours and highlights. You will discover how to change the illusion of face shapes, how to enhance and sculpt cheekbones, emphasise best features and de-emphasise less desirable features. Reshaping noses has long been a challenge for makeup artists. Donna will demystify noses and simplify the placement of contours and highlights for all facial features. Prepare yourself for the many career changing, light bulb moments. Additionally, artists will learn about the best products, tools, colors necessary to have in their kits as well as the correct placement and techniques to master contour and highlight for anyone and everyone.

The Donna Mee classes in Brisbane are being held at:
The Make-Up Foundation Academy
(Opening Jan 2013)
Unit 1/433 Wondall Road
Tel: 07 3890 8866

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