Donna Mee Makeup Masterclasses in Perth

Taking place from April 1 – 11th, 2013, American makeup veteran Donna Mee will be teaching in Perth for the first time. All classes are full eight-hour days and the schedule is a s follows:

Mastering the Art of Eyebrows
Monday April 1st: 11am – 7pm.

In this one-day workshop, learn Donna's self developed methods and personal techniques about the “Art of Eyebrows” which took Donna over a dozen years of trial and error to figure out and an additional 15 years to perfect. Learn how to create the epitome of beauty for eyebrows and the guidelines to determine proper brow spacing and shape for clients with close-set, far-set and equally spaced eyes. Gain confidence and credibility with Donna's pain-free tweezing techniques. Discover brow products and colour selection must have's. Learn advanced skills such as: how to improve overall symmetry, create arched illusion on a straight brow and, when necessary, alter the brow shape entirely all without looking false. Gain clients and increase your knowledge, skill and income by adding custom brow arching to your list of services.

Hands-on with a Model (supplied by student): 4:30pm – 7pm

Mastering Contours & Highlights
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2nd and 3rd: 11am – 7pm.

Discover how understanding optical illusions can help you create them in makeup. The ability to make someone appear as if they were born with better bone structure is powerful and impressive. Learn how to create the "epitome of beauty" enabling you to make every woman look and feel more attractive before applying eye makeup and lip colour with foundation, contours and highlights. Discover how to change the illusion of face shapes, how to enhance and sculpt cheekbones, emphasise one’s best features and de-emphasize their less desirable. Reshaping noses has long been a challenge for makeup artists. Donna will demystify noses and simplify the placement of contours and highlights for all facial features. Donna says students should prepare for many career changing, light bulb moments. Additionally, artists will learn about the best products, tools, colours necessary to have in their kits as well as the correct placement and techniques to master contour and highlight for anyone and everyone.

Mastering Colour Theory

Friday April 5th: 11pm – 7pm.

Donna will demystify the colour wheel and enlighten students about what is necessary to know about Colour Theory as it applies to makeup. By the end of the class, you will have learned how to simplify colour mixing and have created hundreds of colours from using just blue, yellow and red. By adding white to the primary colours, Donna will have you actually mix your own skin tone/foundation colour in a snap. Discover the most harmonising colours in makeup as well as how to best enhance each individual clients colouring. In addition to mixing colour, you will also learn how to create all types of product formulas, coverages and finishes to perfect whatever look you envision. Discover how to custom make lip gloss, brow gel, blush and even nail polish and a ton of other pro tricks to amaze your clients.

Achieving the Career Success you Desire
Sunday and Monday, April 7th and 9th. 12pm-8pm.

Donna has achieved much success in her 31 years in the makeup industry. Her path was full of mistakes, obstacles and hard lessons learned. Along the way she's gathered tons of rare insider information and wisdom in regard to what works and what doesn't. Simple mistakes in the makeup industry can be financially costly and take years of "figuring it out" yourself. Some of the innocent mistakes artists make cause harm to their reputation, career, income, confidence and motivation: Donna will share her first-hand knowledge, insight and sincere advice on every marketing topic possible that applies to makeup artists. Learning from her mistakes allows her students a much faster and easier path to the success they desire.

Discover the most common mistakes artists make and what to do differently regarding many topics such as: resumes, invoices, business cards, promo cards, set etiquette, assisting, advertising, business social networking, industry websites, agencies, starting a business, portfolio layout, test shoots, building a team and branding yourself.

Additional subjects include the following:
* Steps to building a thriving freelance career
* Improve the calibre of models and photographers
* The ability to pull agency models
* Skills for a more successful collaboration of a team for shoots
* Productive testing for successful results
* Advanced utilization of Look Books
* Agreements and contracts
* Collecting images from photographers
* Image rights and model releases
* Industry appropriate retouching
* Getting published
* Getting free P.R. and press
* How to improve your booking potential
* Transitioning into bigger, higher paid jobs
* Effective fee negotiations
* Secret rules to portfolio layout
* Creating a portfolio that gets your work noticed

Never before has an industry veteran shared such success secrets, says Donna. Get ready to be inspired and work! Discover why the artists Donna trains find such great success.

Advanced Bridal Makeup Artistry
Wednesday April 10th: 11am – 7pm

In this one-day makeup application class, discover 12 things that determine exactly how to custom create a look for each bride. Learn the difference in makeup coverage, finish, formulations and colours that are best for the season and if the wedding is indoor verses outdoor. Discover how the time of year and time of ceremony affects the look you should create and colours you should be using and avoiding. Students will learn about bridal makeup must have's, on-location preparation, how to determine photo-friendly cosmetics and avoid future purchases of products that do not deliver professional results. If you desire to become the top bridal artist in your area, this class entails everything that is necessary to set you apart from your competition.

Creating a Booming Bridal Business
Thursday April 11th: 11am-7pm.

Bridal makeup is a great way to earn income while transitioning into an artistry career, yet it can quickly grow to become an extremely lucrative business; working just a few days a week. Gain valuable insight on advanced makeup application and marketing for the bridal industry that would take many years of experience to develop otherwise. If you desire to start a bridal business or your current focus is weddings, this full day master class will be the best investment of your career.

You will also learn how to create your rates, completely structure a preview consultation, and all the services possible for a wedding party. Donna will share many creative and even free resources to advertise and promote your services. As well as teach you how to find brides, get them to contact you, how to explain/sell your services, how to expand your services, increase your bookings, scheduling, collect fees, cut down on paperwork, and satisfy your clients.

Portfolio Critiques
Saturday April 6th and Tuesday April 9th, 2013

Discover what your book says about you as an artist. Get a sincere and honest opinion on how to update your portfolio. Donna will share with you what may need to be purged from your book, the types of images or looks that are missing, and what application skills you may need to work on in order to generate the types of portfolio images that are necessary to achieve your overall career goals.

Private Lessons
Saturday April 6th and Tuesday April 9th, 2013

Take advantage on one-on-one time with Donna to zone in on exactly what you want most. Private Lessons are available in any subject such as: skincare, anti-ageing, makeup for print, catwalk and bridal makeup, men's grooming, corrective eye makeup, contour and highlighting, advanced foundation selection, advanced concealing, or just reviewing the plethora of information that was covered in the Master Classes, to ensure you maximise your comprehension of all the new skills and theory.

The location for the Master Classes is TBA. Donna will be renting a large vacation home in Perth to hold the classes. The environment will be beautiful, relaxed and there will most likely be no parking issues or fees for the students. Take all six classes and receive a $250 store credit and complimentary All About Mee brushes set.

** Private Lessons and Portfolio Review time slots are available on Sat April 6th and Tues April 9th. Email for available days and times.

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