Coming Soon: Oncology Aesthetics Specialist Workshop

In an Australian first, dermaviduals presents Morag Currin to speak at a specialist three day educational programme in September 2012.

Morag Currin is an internationally-acclaimed author of Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioners Guide. Morag is a resident of Canada with over 17 years specialised experience in Oncology Aesthetic, product development and training.

Morag Currin, author of Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioners Guide will be speaking at the dermaviduals' three day specialist workshop

The specialist three day educational programme is based on scientific evidence, knowledge and expertise. Aestheticians will learn hands-on skills for working with cancer patients and/or survivors.

The programme is suitable for skin treatment therapists who wants key information updates using specialised techniques and knowledge on the latest product developments.

The programme examines both the physical and psychological side effects of cancer treatments, how to avoid causing any harm when treating cancer patients and explores the specialised products and techniques that should be considered, such as oncology massage.

The workshop explores:

  • What happens to skin cells during cancer treatment
  • The four main cancer treatments and the side effects from each
  • Side effects on the skin from cancer treatments and medications
  • Early recognition of skin cancers
  • The importance of immune and lymphatic systems and the skin barrier
  • How to respectfully market your qualification

Working with actual cancer patients, participants will learn what questions to ask, what to look for, how to perform a thorough skin analysis and how to perform a skin treatment that is appropriate to the clients’ needs.

Jennifer Brodeur, LED specialist and co-founder of Max Technologies will also present the latest research on the field of LED and cancer.

Derma Aesthetics will be hosting Oncology Aesthetics in Sydney from 10th to 12th September 2012 and then in New Zealand from 16th to 18th September 2012.

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