The Industry’s Biggest Trainers Share Their 2023 Education Agendas

Knowledge is power and one of the most important elements of a successful business. Anita Quade chats to industry leaders about their Education Agendas for 2023 and beyond.

Anita Quade: Tell us about your education goals for 2023.

Fiona Dosen, ANZ Education Manager, Advanced Cosmeceuticals:

“As a team, our goal is to offer our clinic partners a multi-tiered approach to training so currently, we are building the online platform with specialised training on combination treatments, pre-recorded workshops and making sure the therapists have the latest and most up to date information from our international suppliers.

Allowing the clinics and therapists to have a multi-layer format of different training options – from face-to-face workshops to our national online training and in-clinic power sessions – means we can cater for all types of learning that each individual might need.”

Advanced Cosmeceuticals’ Fiona Dosen

AQ: What are some of your main goals when it comes to staff education this year?

Lisa Paone, Head of Education, Derma Aesthetics:

“Our industry is changing at a rapid rate. Clients are becoming more sophisticated and are heavily influenced by trends on social media. Our main goal is to differentiate our channels of education for staff, providing an extensive approach to education that will help us to make sure we are ahead of the curve.

Throughout 2023, our education team will have the opportunity to attend several industry conferences and educational events in Australia and globally. Continued professional development of our educators, enables Derma Aesthetics the opportunity to bring to this industry, the latest research and findings which will, in turn, provide ongoing support for our partners and those who wish to collaborate and grow with us. We encourage business owners to do the same – provide not only the opportunity, but the structure to create educational experiences that will yield positive outcomes.

Knowledge, passion and dedication are just some of the core values employers are looking for in their staff. A skin treatment therapist who goes above and beyond in their everyday interactions with clients, providing additional education touch points and supporting the skin health journey through effective communication, will lead to lifelong relationships that promote personal, professional and business growth. It is the responsibility of the business owner to create continued educational growth for their staff and the responsibility of the staff members to take as much as they can from the opportunities provided.”

Lisa Paone, Head of Education, Derma Aesthetics

AQ: Education has evolved drastically over the past few years tell us some of the major changes you have seen and how have you have adapted?

Hayley Sultana, National Educator, RefectoCil Australia:

“We are constantly evolving with the training methods and how these are delivered. We are seeing a huge shift towards:

  • Videos rather than written instructions,
  • QR codes on our packaging,
  • Rise of social media education including Reels,
  • Zoom training becoming a permanent part of the education calendar.

We are also developing a more interactive experience through a new website which will incorporate video training content as well as treatment hints, FAQs and troubleshooting information. Our Social Media initiatives will also add to the various options for users to ensure a wonderful learning experience.”

RefectoCil National Educator, Hayley Sultana

AQ: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given when it comes to education?

Georgie Westley, Director/Educator, Distinctive Features:

“In the cosmetic tattoo world and really any career choice is that you are your biggest competition, compete with who you are today and better yourself. There a big difference between INSPIRATION and COMPARISON, you can be INSPIRED by someone, know you want to be experienced like them, produce good work like them, work hard and develop yourself to be successful like them.

But don’t COMPARE yourself to the people who inspire you, as that will only make you feel inadequate … compare yourself to you and the work you did yesterday and the sales target you smashed last week and the skin condition you improved last month. You are your biggest competition.”

Georgie Westley, Director/Educator, Distinctive Features

AQ: Tell us about your own upskilling and learning where do you find inspiration?

Riana Janse Van Rensburg, Director of Dermaplaning Australia & Aesthetic Medicine Canberra:

“Education has been my foundation since I left school in 1985. If you want to be at the top of the industry and call yourself the expert, you need the guns to support you. I have done many diplomas and degree qualifications to make me an expert in my industry. My education made me the winner of many awards. In 2018 I won the ABIA Hall of fame award. That was the highest achievement of my career.

My plans for 2023 are to build a more substantial business. Developing new skin care products, training more students, and finishing my two degrees.”

Riana Janse Van Rensburg, Director of Dermaplaning Australia & Aesthetic Medicine Canberra

AQ: Tell us, what are the advantages for you doing online training?

Lilliane Caron, Owner/Director of Caronlab:

“During the pandemic, we had to adapt to and broaden the ways in which we educated and engaged with salons and therapists.

Through doing this, we realised how many therapists would benefit from a course that could be completed from the comfort of their own home or salon, at a time and pace that suited them. Whether they were a recent graduate wanting to improve their technique, or an experienced therapist brushing up on their skills between clients. We wanted to provide an experience that was accessible to everyone.

The release of our Basics of Total Body Waxing Course in 2020 received an incredible response! We have spent the past year crafting our XXX Female Brazilian Waxing Masterclass and are so excited to be releasing it as an online course via the Caronlab Australia website.

While this course is online, personalised, professional support is always available, with Caronlab trainers on hand for one on one zoom sessions as required. Upon course completion and in addition to their Certificate, participants are also invited to submit a video of their waxing method to be viewed by professional Caronlab Trainers. Allowing us to leverage the ease of online learning and the expertise of our 40 years’ experience to empower and educate the next generation of beauty therapists!”

Lilliane Caron, Owner/Director of Caronlab

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