AKISS College Brisbane introduces Photo Dynamic Therapy training

AKISS College Brisbane has introduced new one-day Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) training as part of its Advanced Paramedical Aesthetician Course.

PDT treatments have been around for several years and are used to treat a range of skin conditions including uneven skin tone, acne vulgaris, rosacea and many others, using a photosensitiser such as 5-ALA (Aminolevulonic Acid) and a light source such as an IPL or LED to activate it.

According to AKISS College, the use of the IPL and LED systems with a photosensitiser dramatically increases the range and level of treatments the practitioner is able to carry out. PDT is an ideal option for patients who are dissatisfied with photorejuvenation without having to resort to ablative therapies.

AKISS College is offering training in PDT with low strength Aminolevulonic Acid.

As part of AKISS College’s commitment to providing training and support in advanced non-invasive aesthetic treatments they are now taking enrollments for the training course.

For more information or phone (07) 3368 2065 or visit http://directory.professionalbeauty.com.au/business/akiss-college

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