Accelerate your business with JOYA

In order to achieve greater customer loyalty and client retention, spas and beauty salons have to be trendsetters when it comes to offering inventive and exciting treatments.

Masseurs and beauticians form worldwide practices, spas and salons have been discovering a unique treatment – JOYA Crystal Massage – which allows them to spoil their clients with a precious and powerful modality that not only brings great results but also customers back.

“I love the JOYA crystal massage equipment. The hand pieces are beautiful and fit so comfortably into my hands, it really takes all the hard work out of massage. Not only that, the ability to swap in and out whatever crystal is most appropriate for each situation and client makes it incredibly versatile… and my clients confirm they feel amazing!” Dr Andrew Powell, chiropractor & kinesiologist – Hills Spinal Health, Castle Hill, NSW.

While always in contact with your client’s body, JOYA's handy tools with freely rotating crystal spheres in handy holders take the strain off your thumbs while massaging.

Accelerate your business now and open the door to new dimensions for nurturing and relaxation of your client’s body, mind and soul – learn JOYA Crystal Massage.

In JOYA's 4 hours hands-on trainings you will learn:

  • How to easily give great body and facial massages with different JOYA tools
  • How JOYA reduces strain on your hands and takes it completely off your thumbs
  • Insight into working with crystals
  • How to use the unique JOYA concept to increase customer retention
  • Much more. . .

Whether you are already using JOYA or you are completely new to this amazing modality – there is great knowledge and hands-on practice for everybody.

Sydney: Monday, 13. August 2012
Brisbane: Saturday, 28. July 2012 or Monday, 15. October 2012.

"Attending the Joya training was a great way to experience what a JOYA crystal massage can do for you. It is a relaxing, non-invasive, gentle way of having a massage that leaves you walking away feeling relaxed. Being shown the different techniques in using the JOYA has given me greater confidence to achieve the best results that my clients are looking for. What a great concept! Thank you for the training, I enjoyed it immensely and you did a great job. And my customers who have tried a JOYA massage now regularly request the 'crystal massage' which I can perform without strain to my hands." Sandy Barker, The Purple Door, Bundaberg, QLD.

For Information contact Ellen on 0406 971 387 or visit

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