A5M holds annual anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine conference

A5M have hosted their fourth annual conference in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine in Melbourne.

The conference, titled: “Prevention – the future of health and medicine,” was attended by over 300 delegates and a host of world renowned speakers.

The conference was held from 20th -22nd August in Melbourne has been heralded as the future of Anti-Ageing by key opinion leaders in the industry.

According to Bill Anton, chairman of the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M), “Overall this year was definitely our biggest one yet. The delegates learnt about the significant advancements in research on regenerative and preventative medicine in the areas of Genomics, BHRT and Mitochondrial Function amongst others – it really cemented the fact that preventative medicine is where the healthcare industry is heading.”

The internal medicine stream of speakers had a huge boost this year with highlights including Dr. James L. Wilson from Canada, author of the international best-seller, ‘Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome,’ who spoke about adrenal fatigue and non-Addison’s hypoadrenia.

Professor Michael Klentze from Germany, who presented on the topic of genetic testing and stem cells in preventative medicine.

Associate professor Paul Taylor, exercise psychologist and nutritional professor spoke about holistic approaches to health and well being.

On the external medicine side there were strong synergies with the internal medicine topics with presentations showing a trend towards non-invasive procedures featuring popular speakers including Manon Pilon, a world renowned skin care and medi-spa expert and author of ‘Anti-Aging: The Cure’ who presented on the subject of treatment options for hyperpigmentation and melasma without hydroquinone.

Dr. Martin Braun from Canada, internationally known as an innovator of Botox®, spoke about non-surgical rejuvenation treatments seen in the trend for a more holistic approach to aesthetic medicine. He also presented the high-demand demonstration workshop which showcased the latest injecting techniques to achieve optimal results when using Juvederm® filler and Botox®.

Leading ear, nose and throat surgeon and president of A5M, Dr. Michael Zacharia, said he was very pleased with this year’s proceedings, and there was such a diverse mix of learnings from a booming health industry.

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