9 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Aisling O’Toole shares the hard truths around when you’ll know it’s time to leave your job.

What do relationships, personal trainers, jobs, and 70% off sales have in common? It can be difficult to know when to walk away from all of them.

There’s always one more reason to stay, one more “maybe”, one more last-ditch attempt to make it work. But are you too nervous to face the fact that it’s just not working? When it comes to jobs, there’s no reason to stay at a company that no longer serves a larger purpose.

Below are nine signs to help you spot when it’s time to say goodbye.

1.   You dread mondays

Whether you work the traditional 9-5 or not, if you notice your mood improve as you get closer to a day off and then deteriorate as you inch closer to returning to the office, then it might be time to move on. You spend more time at work than you do anywhere else, you shouldn’t live just for the weekend.

2.   You dislike your colleagues

Not getting along with co-workers can make the workplace a truly unpleasant experience. You likely spend more time with your colleagues than with your partner or family, so there should be some mutual respect there, at the very least. If you’ve tried to find common ground and or attempted to iron out any issues through HR channels, then it is definitely time to admit defeat and move on.

3.   You’re disengaged

Do you bring your best ideas to the workplace and take pride in the job that you do? If the answer is no, you’ve likely started to disengage from your role–– this is known as “quiet quitting”. It’s impossible to feel passionate 24/7, but once you stop having pride in your work then your mental health may start to become affected, and it is 100% time to walk away.

4.   You’re not progressing

Are there opportunities for growth, salary increases or career progression? If you’re not career-minded and are happy with your current role and the work/life balance you have, then good for you.

However, if you do want to progress to the next level in your career it’s important that your current role supports that. Maybe there’s no obvious progression for you internally, but you should still be learning from your colleagues and your boss. If you’re not, you’ll never be ready to step up to the next level elsewhere. This is a clear sign it is time to start exploring your options externally.

5.   The workplace is toxic

It can happen to the best of us––you find yourself working in a toxic environment. What should be a collaborative and supportive workplace turns out to be the opposite and management doesn’t seem interested in changing anything. If you find your workplace to be toxic or harmful to your mental or physical health, you have to move on and find a new role. And remember, toxic to you might be fun to somebody else, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. What’s important is that your workplace is a fit for your personality.

6.   You have no work/life balance

Do you receive phone calls, Slacks or “urgent” WhatsApps outside work hours? Does your boss contact you via every communication channel ever invented? Are you stressed about work projects on your days off or lose sleep due to your workload? While all industries will have busier times than normal, if you find yourself constantly tipping your work-life balance in favour of work, it might be time to look at other job options.

7.   The company’s future is unsafe

There are very few companies that don’t go through a rough patch at some point, and many overcome them. But if you’re concerned about the future stability of your workplace then it’s time to start researching what other roles are available so you can secure your future.

8.   You’re underpaid

If you think your duties or workload are not being properly compensated then a move might be worth considering. Money isn’t everything––if you can pay all the bills––but being undercut by a company that is profiting off your work is just wrong.

Arm yourself with research. Find the industry benchmark for your role, ask your network for information, and work out what your salary should be. Explore your earning potential elsewhere and if your boss won’t match your salary expectations… well, decision made.

9.   You want a challenge

If you’re no longer being challenged in your current role then it is 100% time to walk away and find something else. The Professional Beauty Job Board is full of companies currently hiring for beauty professionals, like the three exciting roles below.

Skincare Specialist, Sephora

The Role: As a Skincare Specialist with Sephora you will have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s biggest retailers with access to ongoing training and professional development.

The Responsibilities: You will educate clients during consultations by sharing tips, tricks and techniques so they can discover the features and benefits of Sephora’s CRM program.

The Requirements: You have at least three years’ experience in a similar role, you’re a people person with sales experience and ideally, you have a skincare qualification.

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Dermal Clinician, Clinica Lase

The Role: As Dermal Clinician with Clinica Lase you will work in the newly revamped Carlton clinic which encompasses more skin, health and wellness focused treatments, helping clients look and feel their best.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for providing various treatments plus follow-up care to clients in a professional and organised manner, while building a strong clientele through customer engagement and recruitment.

The Requirements: You will have at least four years’ experience working with lasers and have completed a Laser Safety Course as well as a Bachelor of Dermal Sciences.

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Salon Manager, Pure Indulgence

The Role: As Salon Manager at Pure Indulgence you will have an opportunity to take your career to the next level with Queensland’s largest company-owned chain of beauty salons.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for the management, motivation and mentoring of a team of up to 10 therapists plus an assistant manager.

The Requirements: You must have a strong background in beauty therapy and at least four years’ experience in a senior position in a similar role.

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