5 Ways ABIC Membership Can Benefit Device Owners

Do you have devices as part of your salon’s offerings? If you answered yes, you are likely already familiar with the many complexities they bring to your business. Mala McAlpin from the The Aesthetic & Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) reveals the resources that can be invaluable to those working with devices in clinic.

From cost to financing, staff qualifications to training, client safety to consultations, risk management to insurance – there is a lot to consider. This can often be overwhelming for businesses with limited resources, or those new to the device space. As the beauty and aesthetics industry’s most diverse support group, offers countless resources that can be invaluable to those working with devices in-clinic. Here are just a few of them…

Education platforms

ABIC provides an extensive range of education platforms, including a quarterly digital journal, podcast, blog and social media, all of which are updated constantly. These platforms aim to provide ABIC
members with the very latest and relevant expert advice, created by industry leaders, salon owners, brands, and therapists from all sectors. Many of these include topics devoted to all things devices, like what to look for when purchasing a laser, or key considerations when opting for a second-hand device.

Support from facilitators

ABIC facilitators are ready to take calls from ABIC members throughout business hours, which frequently includes support to business owners who have questions surrounding device topics. Who can provide appropriate insurance is a question ABIC facilitators hear often, just to name one example. And if the ABIC team can’t provide you with the answer you’re looking for, they can certainly point you in the right direction!


ABIC members receive access to an incredibly large community throughout the industry – salon owners, sole traders, beauty and dermal therapists, cosmetic nurses, managers, recruiters, and many in between. This community is the perfect resource for those wanting to pose questions directly to other industry members in the hopes of hearing shared experiences and advice. The most frequently used platform to access this community via ABIC is the Beaute by ABIC Facebook Group, where questions, comments, stories and recommendations regarding devices are shared almost daily.

Vast directory of connections

ABIC’s website is home to a supplier directory, where many reputable industry distributors can be found. This includes a number of device companies, and is the perfect place for new device-goers to begin their research.

Digital resource centre

One of ABIC’s most highly valued offerings is the digital resource centre, an absolute treasure trove of templates and documents to assist in almost every area of beauty businesses imaginable. From marketing to client support, recruitment to business documents, you can find it in the ABIC resource centre. It is also home to various templates which can help those needing some assistance on client consultations. These of course become much more complex when factoring in energy based devices, and ABIC members wanting to improve their device consultations can find the assistance they need by accessing these resources through ABIC.

About ABIC

The Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) has been created for the industry, by the industry, with the vision of uniting all industry sectors under one powerfully strong voice. ABIC’s goal is to represent the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics Industry, provide an expert voice to government, advocate for benchmark standards, self-regulation, and to support the advancement of our industry at every level. Memberships are available for salons/clinics, managers, individual practitioners, and students.

Visit www.theabic.org.au for more information and membership options.

This article originally appeared in the September-October 2022 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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