5 Key Things To Definitely Do When Writing A Resignation Letter

Aisling O’Toole reminds us to keep our cool and to resign with class.

When it’s over, it’s over. Relationships, holidays and, unfortunately, jobs, all have an expiry date. While you may not want to give your former employer a backwards glance on your way to your new role, the wisest course of action is to end things in a professional manner.

After all, you never know when you might need to call on them for a reference in the future. How you leave an employer can impact your reputation into the future. Depending on your role in the beauty industry, a verbal resignation may suffice, but if in doubt, always follow it up with a formal written version so there is no room for confusion.

If you’re worried about hitting the right note, follow the advice below.

1.   Keep your own counsel

Yes, your colleagues are your friends, but they are also employees, and so they shouldn’t know you’re handing in your notice before your employer. It sounds harsh, but when it comes to your career and professional reputation you can’t take the chance that your work wife won’t let your news slip over Friday coffee. Don’t let that happen: keep your own counsel about your plans. 

2.   Be succinct

No matter your position, verbally resigning to your direct line manager and following up with a written letter of resignation is the norm. Request time with your manager and state clearly that you are resigning, that you will work your notice and will follow up with a letter of resignation so that everything is in writing. Mention that you’re happy to work with your employer to make the transition as smooth as possible.

3.   Don’t air grievances

This is not the time to air your annoyance that you feel you’ve been carrying the weight of the company on your shoulders for the past year, or that you don’t get along with a certain colleague, or that you have a major issue with management.  A resignation needs to stay professional, both in person and in writing.

If there is an exit interview process, you may have scope within that to elaborate on your reasons for leaving.

4.   Put it in writing

Follow up by the end of the day with a letter, which should reinforce your earlier conversation. Outline how long your notice period will be and what date will be your last working day.

Mention your length of service and, if appropriate, state that you enjoyed your time with the company and learned a lot. If there are financial or HR-related matters to be tied up, reference each point in the letter and follow up with HR within a three to five day window.

5.   Secure your next role

Before you resign from your current job, make sure that your next role is set in stone. If you’re only at the start of your job hunt, perfecting your resignation may seem like the obvious step but in actual fact, lining up your next move is a safer bet.

Don’t know where to start? The Professional Beauty Job Board is not only jam-packed with opportunities across all sectors of the beauty industry, it’s also a great place to research skills and pay scales across leading industry players.

Below are three exciting companies to explore.

Hairdresser, HairHouse, Elizabeth

The Role: Working as a Hairdresser at HairHouse is an opportunity to work for Australia’s leading hair and beauty retail and services destination with over 30 years’ experience and over 110 stores nationwide.

The Responsibilities: You will provide full consultations, product advice and rebooking to maintain your client’s hair plan and goals, support a high performing and values driven salon and drive national marketing campaigns actively promoting to drive salon results.

The Requirements: You will be a qualified hairdresser with a certificate III in hairdressing.

Apply for the Hairdresser role or browse all available opportunities at HairHouse.

Beauty & Dermal Therapist, Urban Spa, Hill’s District

The Role: As a Beauty & Dermal Therapist with Urban Spa you will join one of Sydney’s biggest dermatology spas in a role that provides great support and mentoring.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for providing clients with the most up-to-date dermal therapy and relaxation services and treatments.

The Requirements: You will have a Diploma or Cert IV in beauty therapy or be a student currently completing clinic hours. Experience in dermal and laser therapies will be a distinct advantage.

Apply for the Beauty & Dermal Therapist role or browse all available roles at Urban Spa

Professional Makeup Artist, Sephora, Sydney

The Role: As a Professional Makeup Artist with Sephora you will be encouraged to unleash your creativity, passion, and knowledge of its iconic brands during every interaction.

The Responsibilities: You’ll be educating clients during consultation by sharing tips, tricks and techniques to encourage upselling, while helping customers discover the features and benefits of Sephora’s CRM program. You will also be encouraged to master your craft and expand your knowledge of iconic brands by attending in-store beauty expert training sessions.

The Requirements: If you have previous experience as a makeup artist and you’re knowledgeable about what’s new and trending with beauty products, fragrance, makeup, and skincare, then this is the role for you.

Apply for the Professional Makeup Artist role or browse all available roles at Sephora.

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