How To Make A Quiet Promotion Work For You

According to Aisling O’Toole, working toward a quiet promotion may be more straight forward than you think.

When you hear the word promotion and you immediately think of success and celebration––but what if it’s a quiet promotion? On the back of quiet quitting comes the latest career problem to hit post-Covid workers––the quiet promotion.

Due to changing global economic factors and the post-pandemic Great Resignation, many industries are running on skeleton staff. Which means the remaining employees are left picking up the slack, filling in for departed colleagues, or taking on work that’s above their pay grade. Essentially, many workers are dealing with additional responsibility without additional compensation.

The beauty industry is one which has been heavily impacted by this phenomenon, with recent research from the Fashion Institute of Technology, operating as Beauty Think Tank, showing that 65% of beauty professionals have admitted to reevaluating their career and its place within their lives post-pandemic. A further 80% believe that the traditional five-day work week is no longer suited to the industry.

So what can you do to turn a quiet promotion into a real one?

1.   Evaluate your situation

Document the extra duties or responsibilities you have been asked to take on compared to your actual job spec, and take an honest look at your current employer and ask yourself the following questions: Is the extra work part of an internal restructure and have any other colleagues been put in the same position?

Quiet promotions often arise from a colleague leaving and not being replaced, so what you want to figure out is have you been quietly promoted––or are you just working a little harder? Look at job descriptions for roles above yours, and see how many responsibilities overlap. You need to remove emotion and look at the facts.

2.   Prepare your ask

Before you speak to your boss about the situation, know what the optimum outcome should be. Do you want additional compensation, do you want a title change––or do you want both? As important as it is to know your ask, it’s also super important to know your deal breakers. So what will you not accept, and what compromise are you open to?

For example, if your boss suggests continuing for a six month trial period before getting the more senior title, then be sure to get clear objectives and goals for that trial period.

3.   Take advantage

If you’re not gaining the recognition or remuneration you deserve, it might be time to look around. You’ve gotten the more senior experience, so why not take advantage of it and find a new role at that level elsewhere?

Research shows that you’re more likely to receive a higher salary bump by switching employers than you are by climbing the ladder with one company. Update your CV to showcase your new responsibilities and start job hunting.

The Professional Beauty Job Board is full of companies currently hiring for roles across the beauty industry and is an excellent place to start. Below, you’ll find three examples of what’s on offer, but a short browse on the job board will help you to find the perfect fit.

Assistant Manager, Urban Spa

As Assistant Manager at Urban Spa you will work with an industry leading brand while providing clients with the most up-to-date dermal therapies and beauty services in beautiful tranquil surroundings. You will be responsible for reaching salon targets and KPIs, mentoring junior members of staff and recognising additional business opportunities where appropriate. You’ll need a Diploma, Cert IV in beauty therapy, be extremely well organised and efficient and have a proven track record of motivating and leading a team. Apply for the Assistant Manager role or discover more openings at Urban Spa.

Product Development Manager, Mecca

As Product Development Manager with Mecca you will be responsible for developing new products for Mecca’s New Brands portfolio and will be responsible for managing end-to-end product development from ideating, developing prototypes to sourcing, negotiating on COGs targets and delivery of product through manufacturing process through to handing over to operations. A proven track record of product development as well as being in a fast paced and dynamic environment, with a deep consumer and product understanding, to fuel the innovation pipeline, are required. Get more information on the Product Development Manager job, or browse all available roles at Mecca.

Senior Training Manager ANZ, Sephora

As Senior Training Manager ANZ your mission is to collaborate with the head of HR and education and head of retail to create, lead and deliver the retail education strategy and training initiatives for Sephora ANZ. You will be responsible for determining education strategy priorities and leading the development, delivery, embedding and evaluation of a variety of training plans and programs. Interested? You’ll need at least ten years’ experience within the beauty industry as well as a certificate IV in training and assessment, accompanied by a client and commercial-centric mindset. Apply for the Senior Training Manager role, or browse all opportunities at Sephora.

Browse the Professional Beauty job board to explore all opportunities currently available within the Australian beauty industry.

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