Universal Beauty launches

Formed in January, 2010, Universal Beauty is the collaboration of two industry personalities, Dawn Osborne and Sam Penny. Sam is best known for heading pharmacy distribution company High Tech Health, distributors of Circulation Booster and the Detox Box infrared sauna range. Dawn built her reputation through the creation of products including Inch Loss Slimming Body Wrap and others that are due to launch on the market in the coming months.

“We are the perfect team,” Penny said. “Dawn understands how a new product can benefit a clinic and how to formulate it, while I know how to build a brand and distribution at the same time. I think we are the dream team.”

Inch Loss is a full body slimming body wrap system using a unique blend of Australian sea clays and highly mineralised salts. The company says that the treatments introduce a new technique which ensures a speedy and mess-free process but also eliminates waste of the valuable slimming solution.

“We have spent the last two years perfecting our processes as well as our slimming solution formula. The thing we love is that customers book in for more treatments after their first visit. In fact, more than 80 per cent of customers book in for another three treatments after their first!” Osborne explained. “We only formed in January, but already have about 100 clinics around the country providing Inch Loss treatments every day. And the gross profit to the clinic is what has everyone excited along with the results.”

Penny added: “What I learned from distributing through 1500 pharmacies is mutually beneficial partnerships, with each outlet a key to product success. We have to offer the clinics something that will hopefully make them good money while we show customers around Australia which clinics will be offering [the treatment]. And we have to minimise the risk to the clinic in ‘trying’ Inch Loss for the first time.”

In light of this, Universal Beauty says it is offering a 100 per cent guarantee that the treatments will sell. If a clinic has any unused slimming solutions from its first order after 180 days, Universal Beauty will provide a full refund for all slimming solutions returned.

Treatments range from between $150 and $225 for a single Inch Loss treatment while the clinic will pay around $30 for a single slimming solution.

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