Fitness & Health Expo reports record attendance

By Virginia Muzik and Jennie Lewis Teal

A change in focus has proved successful for the 2010 Australian Fitness & Health Expo, with the revamped event held earlier this month seeing record trade numbers attending.

Exhibition manager, Ashley Robertson, said the decision to expand the focus of the 2010 expo to include the health industry had paid off, with more than 15,900 trade and public in attendance. More than 2000 trade visitors were recorded in the first two hours of the event, and there was an overall increase in first-day attendance of 15 per cent on 2009.

“Our aim going in to the 2010 event was to attract a larger audience of fitness professionals and trade buyers, and by doing so, increase the benefits to exhibitors by facilitating a more relevant and focused industry event,” said Mr Robertson.

A draw card on day one was The Biggest Loser’s trainer, Michelle Bridges (pictured), being interviewed on the main stage, and later attending the Australian Institute of Fitness stand, autographing copies of her Crunch Time Cook Book.

Professional Beauty asked Bridges for her thoughts on what constitutes beauty:

“Beauty has to begin from within, lots of water, lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of lean protein, good whole low GI carbs in the morning and at lunch. Good exercise, every day,” she said. “Over and above that, if people want to do other things like ‘beauty tweaks’; if it makes you feel good about yourself, then why not?

“It’s no surprise when you look at people who look after themselves and their health and nutrition by eating wholefoods that are full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients… you look at them and they look like they eat healthily. My husband, for example, is 57 years old. He has looked after himself and eats really well and trains every day, and tries to keep his stress levels at bay as much as possible. All of these things make such a difference.”

The expo also featured a small, dedicated Spa Zone, which included exhibitors of Pilates and whole body vibration equipment, health supplements, infra-red therapeutic massage and essential oil-based beauty products.

The 2011 Australian Fitness & Health Expo will be held between 15 and 17 April 2011.

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